Monday, January 5, 2009

The Schnack Family Christmas - 12/20

On Friday, December 19th the Kirwan Klan piled in the Toyota Sienna and headed for St. Paul Park, Minnesota to stay at Sean's Grandpa Howie and Auntie Debbie's house. We had the Schnack Family Christmas on Saturday, December 20th. Fun was had by all.

(for my own record when I got to finally scrapbook these pictures...hahaha...if I am missing things please let me know because of course I am trying to go off memory...ugh!!)

Nathan Received:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cup, Food Set, Guitar & Microphone (thanks a lot Cassie!), Wooden Train Set, Take Along Thomas Trains and Airport, Spiderman Outfit, Sheriff & Doc Shaker Cars, Winnie the Pooh Word Game, Colors, Markers, Playdoh, Color Mat Set, etc., Savings Bonds, Wave Runner

Morgan Received:
Octopus Toy, Disney Princess Cup, Teddy Bear w/ Willow Tree Ornament, Clothes, Savings Bonds


Auntie Debbie and Little Reindeer Morgan

Great Grandpa Howie with Auntie Cassie and Nathan.

Auntie Megan and Miss Morgan

Nana Barb and Morgy Pie (my new favorite nickname for Morgan...I don't know why or where it came from, but I have been calling her that for the past couple weeks).

Auntie Brandy and Morgan knawing on her fist.

Morgan and Uncle Calvin (aka...Uncle Kevin to Nathan...hahaha)

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