Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nathan's 3rd Birthday Party - 12/27

Nathan's birthday is December 29th, but that was a Monday so we decided to celebrate it on Saturday the 27th so that more family members could attend. He is totally all about anything Lightning McQueen and wanted a Cars cake. Of course he didn't want any cake this year. Sean had to bribe him to take a single bite of it...told him he could open another present if he ate a bite. We have a ton more pictures on his other camera that aren't loaded yet...I will post those later I guess.
Here he is with Daddy showing us his new 'cool' way of showing his age of 3!!

The cool Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake!!

Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Tom with Morgan and Nathan. It was their first time meeting Morgan. Nathan got an awesome racing truck from them.

Nathan with his cool new Lucky Ducks game from Uncle Kasey, Uncle Kroey, Katie and Josh.

Nathan got a cool new Thomas the Train carrying case from Uncle Ben and Auntie Shana...man did he need it too!! He also got a cool Thomas the Train lunch box with a puzzle inside.

Here's Great Grandma Gerry and Great Auntie Sandie with the Birthday Boy. He got a cool Thomas the Train Play Telephone and Book with some money from them.

Grandma Debbie and Papa Jeff with my 3 year old and his cheesy smile!! Nathan got some money, Red the Fire Truck, The King and Sarge Shaker Cars and a Fisher Price Digital Camera and Case from Grandma and Papa.

Nana Barb came all the way from Minnesota to see her little man!! Nathan got a Wii from Nana Barb that he has to share with his Daddy cause they actually share the same birthday. Nathan turned 3 and Daddy turned 31 on the 12/29. Our point-and-shoot camera died right before he opened the Wii...crap!!

Grandma Laurie and Brad gave Nathan a cool Lightning McQueen Tote with a sleeping bag, pillow and flashlight. He can't wait to use it.

What's the matter Uncle Kasey? This picture cracks me up. We were just about to leave the party, and Great Auntie Sandie was trying to help Nathan put his mittens on. He was being a stinker and wasn't helping, so she playfully bounced the mitten off his face, and he burst into tears saying, "Auntie Sandie hit me!" I was standing right there and saw the whole thing...there is no way it hurt. He was just super tired from no naps and late nights. Gotta love that face!!

Our family picture with my two Birthday Boys!! Nathan got the Lightning McQueen Scooter from us for his birthday...he loved it and can't wait to ride it.

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