Monday, January 5, 2009

Santa Came to Grandma & Papa's House - 12/25

Nathan finally woke up around 9:00am (due to lack of naps the previous few days) to a plate of crumbs and an empty glass of milk. We had left two cookies on the plate - one for Santa and one for Mrs. Clause. He didn't really seem to worried about Santa but wanted to make sure that Mrs. Clause got her cookie...hahaha!!

In his stocking were some big boy Handy Manny undies as well as some Cars undies, some socks, a Mickey Mouse giant pen and Cars notepad, a bag with three Cars card games and a Mickey Mouse Bingo game as well as a Cars Bingo game.

We told him that Santa had left his big Santa present back home in Madison. He didn't know what he got (had to wait until January 3rd to find out...poor kid...LOL!). Santa had gotten him the V-Smile Motion Learning System.

We decided that since he was going to be getting sooooo many presents from all our family members that he didn't really need a ton of stuff from us so from mommy and daddy he got the Little Tikes Semi and Race Car.

And from Morgan he got "the thing that goes round and round with the black and white checkered flag." The little stinker had gotten into the closet where I had this stored and saw it in early December. Every day or multiple times a day, he would tell me how he wanted "the thing that goes round and round with the black and white checkered flag!" HA HA HA!! Well he finally got it and LOVES it!! It's a Cars racetrack for Lightning McQueen!! He just wanted it "OUT OF THE BOX SO HE COULD RACE!!"

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