Friday, January 16, 2009

Check Out My Award!!

Yeah...that's right...I'm one bad ass momma...HAHAHA!! I got this fun award from my good friend Shanna over at Shanna's Sketches and Ideas! I am so freaking excited as I get to fianlly meet this chicky in person. I have been talking to her for about 3 years now and will get to meet her in person at a Beach Scrapbook Retreat that I am going to January 23-25. I will also get to meet Kelci, Jen and Andrea who are listed below.

Here are the rules: Link back, and pass it on to 5 of your favourites, or 6 if you're like me and can't help but break the rules! My bad-ness has to come from somewhere, right?

First off is Julia...She just had a beautiful baby boy a couple days ago - Welcome Baby Noah!! Congrats Julia!! Enjoy your time with your little man!!

Secondly is Ashley...She just found out she is having her 3rd Boy!! Her and her hubby make the most beautiful little boys...ok ok...I know you aren't suppose to call boys beautiful and I just did twice in two paragraphs...hehehe...but they are so stinkin' cute!!

Thirdly is Andrea...she's an awesome gal from California. I get to meet her personally in less than a week. I can't wait!! I also won some super cool blog candy from her a few weeks back...and I am proud to say that I enabled her to buy from PeachCheap today...HA HA HA!!

Fourthly (is that even a word?) is Miss Kelci. She is the queen of Etsy Bags and Stickles...hehehe. She is a wonderful friend, and a great mommy!! I love her crazy sense of humor and her blog cracks me up everytime I log on!! See you soon Kelci!!

Lastly is Gretchen. I know her from a scrapbooking board we are on together. I love reading about her two little monkeys. Trevor is always saying or doing something that cracks me up. Oh yeah and did I mention that Gretchen is from Michigan...GO BIG 10 AND BUCKY!!

And just because I am a bad's my sixth gal...Jen!! I also get to meet Jen at the retreat I am off too. She is my Close To My Heart Upline and can't wait to talk to her in person and learn some stuff...hehehe. Our kiddos are almost the same age...both have a boy for our oldest and sweet little baby girls. See ya in a few days Jen!

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