Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day - 12/25

We always spend Christmas Day at my Grandma and Aunt's house. Nathan was such a good boy. He loved to hand out the presents to everyone, and this is how the conversation for each present handout would go:

Nathan - "Here you go Mommy!"
Me - "Thank you Nathan!"
Nathan - "You are welcome Mommy!"
This went on for every single present under that tree...LOL!! It was too cute!!
Nathan Received:
Golf Outdoor Set, Thomas the Trains and Playsets, Books, Puzzles, Clothes and Money
Morgan Received:
Clothes, Money, Coins, and a Hallmark Ornament
Here he is playing with his new golf set with Auntie Shana and Grandma Debbie.

Here's Nathan wearing his "earing"...hahaha!!

Auntie Shana with her two munchkins!!

Uncle Ben, Auntie Shana, Nathan and Morgan on Christmas Day!!

Here is Great Auntie Sandie with Miss Morgan. Hey San...she's not crying in this picture!! The running joke is that pretty much everytime Sandie holds Morgan she starts to cry!! LOL!!

My family's Annual Christmas picture (Great Grandma Gerry, Grandma Debbie, Uncle Ben, Auntie Shana, Great Auntie Sandie, Morgan, Papa Jeff, Nathan, Me and Sean)

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