Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Morgan's 4 Month Check-Up & First Cereal Pics

Morgan had her 4 month check-up on Monday 1/5. She's doing great!!
13 lbs 8 oz which was the 50th percentile
23 1/4 in which was the 15th percentile
41.8 cm head circumference which was the 75th percentile

Her weight and head circumference stayed the same percentile, but she went from the 25th to the 15th for height. Doctor Neary said not to start worrying yet...she will probably have a growth spurt and catch back up. Sean said she better as she will be playing for the Badger Women's Volleyball Team...hehehe.

We got the go-ahead to start feeding her rice cereal as well. She did really well with it. She is still nursing like a champ so very thankful for that!!

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