Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 31st Birthday Daddy and 3rd Birthday Nathan!! - 12/29

Happy Birthday Sean and Nathan!! We went to Grandma Laurie's to celebrate their big day. Sean got a "girlie" card from his brothers. Nathan and I had a great conversation regarding this card:

Nathan: "She's pretty!"
Mommy: "Is she prettier than mommy?!"
Nathan: "Yup...I love her!"
Mommy: Look of shock on face!!
Nathan: "I'm gonna kiss her!" -- That would be the second picture below!!

I think Sean and I are in for a lot of trouble with this cute little boy!! LOL!!

One of the dogs 'tooted' and it was pretty stinky!! LOL!!

Here's my Birthday Boys!!

Happy Birthday To You!! Happy Birthday To You!! Happy Birthday Dear Daddy and Nathan!! Happy Birthday To You!! Love You Guys!!

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