Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch - Making Scalloped Squares

I got these directions from Scrapbook and Cards Today.

How to use the threading water punch from Fiskars to make a perfect scalloped square. Let’s get started:

Beginning tip: To punch scallops all around the square, it's easy if you first make a template of a 'perfect rounded corner' first. Making the template.

1. To start making your template, take a 5 x 5 inch square piece of cardstock.
Make the first punch along the straight edge by lining it up along the grid line as shown in Fig A. This grid line is the 8th full square from the end.

2. Punch down in a clean swift motion making sure not to move your paper.

3. Rotate the template 90 degrees clockwise and line up to the grid line (also at 8th full square in from the end) and punch.

4. You have just made your template with a punched scalloped corner with 3/8 inch strips on each side. Do not tear these strips off as they will be used as guides to properly trim your paper in later steps.

Rounding a corner.
5. Take a square mat (could be rectangle as well) and start punching along one side. Just when you are about to reach the end, stop punching.

6. To round the corner, place your template over the scallops you have just punched and line up the corner scallop of your template to the last scallop punched. With a pencil, draw a line along the strip/edge of the template.

7. The portion marked with an X is the excess paper you need to trim.

8. After trimming the excess off in the previous step, you can now punch scallops along the new edge. Flip the punch over so that you can line up the last scallop punched with the first scallop on the punch itself- this will be your corner scallop.

Finish punching around the edges.
Finish punching around all the edges using the steps above and you should end up with a perfect corner on your last edge. Figure L is an example of a finished card with a square scalloped mat.


Leingang Crew said...

Oooooooo, Thanks Keeley! Thats freakin' awesome! I was trying to do that a few days ago, but got frustrated and gave up!

Keels said...

You are not alone my isn't easy to figure out so was super excited when I saw this!!

Mariska said...

I know it's an older post but I just found it by searching in Google for a threading water corner punch. I saved this one in my favorites and am certainly going to be giving this a try. Thank you so much for the tutorial!