Friday, January 29, 2010

National Papercrafting Month Is Almost Over!!

Think back to kindergarten, you donned a plastic apron, armed yourself with brushes and paint pots, and created art. In fourth grade you got a lesson in origami and folded a beautiful -- if slightly smooshed -- paper crane. When you got to sixth grade, you were instructed to create a diorama of the age of the dinosaurs, and you constructed the Paleolithic Age from cardboard and paper mache.

You've been papercrafting your whole life. Why not celebrate it? Now your papercrafting likely involves making exquisitely crafted greeting cards or beautifully designed scrapbook pages. Papercrafts for you now might be altering a cookie sheet to make a magnetic calendar, or creating a welcome sign for your home using your scrapbooking supplies.

No matter how you craft, you'll love the Felicity Collection created exclusively for January's National Papercrafting Month. You'll be thrilled by the decorative die-cut paper, three gorgeous color schemes, and D-size stamp set that includes flowers, flourishes, argyle, birds and an entire alphabet! The possibilities are endless. How will you papercraft with Felicity?

There are only a couple days left to take advantage of this great collection. To get yours place your order on my website:

**Close To My Heart Keynotes, Spring 2010, Volume 9 / Issue 1, Page 16.

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