Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Felicity Blog Post Catch-Up

Here I go again...catching up...this weekend was a very busy one with a very fun wedding on Saturday, a recooperating Sunday with football, and my birthday yesterday. I just ran out of time to get things done. Without further ado...

January 26:
Technique: Mixing Paper Packs
Question: Tell us about a time you mixed and matched paper kits. What did you combine, and was it a success?

January 25:
Question: Tell us about some unexpressed gratitude you feel right now. If you could blink your eyes and have a thank-you note magically written, stamped, and in the mail, to whom would you send it and why?

January 24:
Question: How do you boost others’ felicity? What ways do you make people happy, perhaps without even realizing it?

January 23:
Question: Tell us about your tiny tweaks that produce tremendous transformation, whether it be in the papercrafting world or home decor.

January 22:
Question: We’d like to know how you personalize. Is it through your artwork? What papercrafting projects have you done recently to customize your space?

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