Thursday, January 21, 2010

Felicity Blog Post Catch-Up

I have been super busy with creating cards and haven't been doing a very good at keeping up on my Felecity Daily Blog Posts. So now it's time to get you all caught up:

January 21:
Question: What is your bliss? Do you know what it is? What changes do you need to make to follow it? Tell us about your search for bliss.

January 20:
Technique: Clustering Embellishments
Question: We’ve mentioned a few of our favorite embellishments. Now we would love for you to tell your friends and family about what embellishments you just can’t live without. Mention your favorite embellishments on your own personal blog, Twitter, or Facebook page (or the like) and include a link or mention of this blog ( Then come back here and leave a comment that you have shared your favorites with the world.

January 19:
Question: Tell us how you incorporate a bit of you into your scrapbook layouts or papercrafting projects.

January 18:
Question: Tell us three things that make you happy.
January 17:
Question: What do you love about your personal sanctuary or your home?

January 16:
Question: Do you have friends celebrating National Papercrafting Month with you? How are you celebrating?

January 15:
Technique: Enriching Color Stamping
Question: Tell us about your favorite colors. What are they, and what do they represent to you?

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