Friday, January 29, 2010

The Genius of Patterns

Have you ever seen a skyscraper being built? Workers use lots of scaffolding to support the building as it grows taller and taller. As each floor is completed, they raise the scaffolding to start on the next one.

Scaffolding is also an instructional technique. Teachers support the students and graudally boost the difficulty of the skills being learned. The teachers are there at the students' level every step of the way, and the learners increase in confidence and ability. Does that sound familiar? It might remind you of Close To My Hearts slogan: Let me show you how.

Close To My Heart appeals to a broad audience because we provide scaffolding to build confidence. I as a consultant, begin at every customer's level, wherever that may be, and provide you opportunities for success so that you become comfortable with your skills -- then it's time to move to the next level.

Patterns Are Functional
The joints that tie all our scaffolding together are the scrapbook patterns found in our foundational how-to books, Reflections, Cherish, Imagine, Wishes and Originals. They are the heart of or Faster. Simpler. Easier. philosophy.

Simply Beautiful
Beginners can start with My Reflections Level 1 kits, containing preprinted scrapbook pages based on Jeanette Lynton's patterns from Reflections.

Especially Creative
When learners gain enough confidence to mjove up a level, they can start building their own pages based on the patterns in the how-to books and using the paper in the Level 2 paper packs. Level 2 layouts use paper and embellishments to achieve their beauty--no stamping is required.

Masterfully Rewarding
By now the learner has amassed enough successful experience to feel truly confident. Level 3 layouts are based on the foundational patterns, but now the learner incorporates stamping to personalize and embellish the layout.

Do you see the scaffolding? At each level, Close To My Heart supports the learner. As learners gain more positive experiences with scrapbooking, they gain more creative control, bit by bit, until they feel confident as scrapbookers and designers in their own right.

Patterns Are Versatile
Patterns are a great tool for beginners--and experts! Because they can be customized in so many ways, our patterns can provide a lifetime's inspiration. We started adding up how many different layouts you can get just by using 25 different patterns and 40 different paper kits, and we realized it's more than 192,000 layouts even before you count the possibilities created with different embellishments and text!

Here are just a few things you can do with our patterns:

1) Rotate the individual page.
2) Swap the pages left to right.
3) Change the paper (switch B&T Duos paper and cardstock, or change kits altogether).
4) Add a title and journaling to fit your supplies.
5) Embellish your layout with custom accents.

You're going to love the many different looks you get. Even if you spend your whole life using just a couple dozen patterns, you can have different layouts every time.

Patterns Build Confidence
Because all of Close To My Heart's patterns incorporate the principles of design, they are timeless. When used with our paper packs, they virtually guarantee success. And that feeling of success is vital for learners to be able to progress and grow.

Our patterns help beginners overcome that initial "scrapbooker's block," which sets the stage for more successful experiences and grows confidence. Since the patterns are so timeless, they can be used as stand-alone guides, or they can provide the vehicle for practicing new artistic techniques, simple to advanced. You can use the how-to books on your own to take advantage of Jeanette's classic patterns, even if I'm not physically with you.

Just as we utilize all floors of a skyskraper, even after we become confident we continue to use all levels of scrapbooking. You can be experienced in Level 3 scrapbooking and still save time and effort by using Level 1 or 2 techniques and products.

At first you might think, "I'm not a crafter," but when you succeed, you begin to think, "I can do this!" and even, "I can do this on my own!" And that's where our comparison of patterns to scaffolding ends, because after workers build a skyscraper, they have to take down the scaffolding to see the beautiful final product. But in scrapbooking, you never need to remove Jeanette Lynton's foundational patterns because they give you the flexibility to papercraft at all levels.

To Check Out Jeanette Lynton's How-To Books Click on the Below Links:

9029 Cherish
This beautiful new hardbound book is similar to the Reflections programs with blueprints, step-by-step instructions, and photo suggestions, but it’s really in a league all of its own. It is a stand-alone publication that will look simply fabulous on a bookshelf or coffee table. It features 50 12" × 12" two-page scrapbook concepts as well as in-depth instructions for unique art techniques, accessory suggestions for every concept, detailed cutting diagrams, step-by-step assembly instructions, a thumbnail index, and all the artwork recipes.

9030 Imagine
Create your own 12" × 12" designer layouts with Jeanette Lynton’s second volume of incredible scrapbooking patterns. Packed with 50 all new, two-page patterns, complete cutting diagrams, and assembly instructions, plus inspiring techniques, Imagine™ is every scrapbooker’s best friend.

9031 Reflections
Featuring step-by-step instructions, simple patterns, and detailed dimensions for creating scrapbook layouts with ease, our Reflections Scrapbook Program is the foundation of scrapbooking with Close To My Heart. Each blueprint is a do-it-yourself guide to building pages from scratch. Perfect for beginners still learning the basics and scrapbooking professionals looking for a little inspiration.

9032 Originals Card Confidence Program
Create beautiful handmade cards with confidence using the numerous patterns in our exquisite hardbound Originals™ program. With exact dimensions, fold placement guides, blueprints, and step-by-step instructions, every aspiring cardmaker or crafting pro will love Originals. Feast on the gorgeous, full-color artwork sprinkled throughout the pages and then make cards of your own, simply and easily, with Originals!

9033 Wishes Card Confidence Program
Bulk cardmaking, trendy circle cards, and all new patterns make Jeanette Lynton's latest hardbound, how-to cardmaking book a must-have for your creative library. The three bulk card "workshops" help you make 8, 12, or 16 cards in a jiffy while getting the most out of your papers and your time. The beautiful full-color artwork and creative tips and techniques offer hours of inspiration and fresh ideas.

If you would like to place an order for any of the Close To My Heart How-To Books, you can go to my website:

**Close To My Heart Keynotes, Spring 2010, Volume 9 / Issue 1, Pages 5-7.

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