Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Upgrades, Big Impact

Even small improvements completed on your house can bring about huge benefits. Little upgrades like hanging new shutters, painting the kitchen cabinets, and putting a new faucet in the bathroom are seemingly simple, but the added value to the home is far above what you'll spend at the hardware store.

These little improvements are exactly like the enhancements made to the Idea Book. Just a couple adjustments have added amazing value for you because we've updated the look and feel of the Idea Book so it works better for you. There are many small upgrades throughout, but the biggest enhancements are threefold.

1) The size of the stamp sets are enlarged from 50% to 75%. This was done so you can see the fine, stunning detail that goes into every stamp we sell.

2) The size of the artwork is now increased so you can view the details of the project and create it for yourself at home. We've also scattered artwork throughout the Idea Book to make every page a place where your artistic ideas can grow and flourish.

3) Accessories are now organized by product line. For example, albums, embellishments, tools, etc. This makes all your favorite accessories easy to find and the sections more reader friendly.

The Idea Book is where you (and I) fall in love with Close To My Heart products, learn about them, add them to wish lists, and see them in beautiful artwork. The Idea Book is also full of wonderful, creative ideas for your artwork. It's a personal artwork tutor for you and me!

If you would like to view the Spring 2010 Close To My Heart Idea Book you can view it on my website:

If you are interested in a FREE copy of the Spring 2010 Close To My Heart Idea Book please e-mail me at

**Close To My Heart Keynotes, Spring 2010, Volume 9 / Issue 1, Page 14

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