Friday, January 24, 2014

Nathan Took 2nd Place at the DeForest Gold Medal Tourney

I could tell Nathan was a little more nervous for this tournament than usual so I asked him what was wrong.

He told me he was really wanting to do well at this tourney.

I told him that we were just as proud of him whether he came away with a 1st Place Trophy or a 4th Place Medal.

He looked at me and said, "I know Mom, but I want to do this for me."

Seriously this kid is a hard worker at practice, a great sport and is really doing well.

Every time he is on the mat I get nervous as all get out, but I know he is having fun.

Sean and I know he can handle the losses as well as the wins, and THAT is what makes us so proud of him.

There are 30+ kids in the grades K-3 wrestling program, and he is one of two that goes to tournaments almost every weekend to get the practice and to learn what it means to be a good or lose.

There are 20+ kids in the grades 4-8 program of which Nathan (2nd grade) actually wrestles at after his K-3 practice.  There are only about a handful of those kids that go to tournaments.

This is not something we are making him is something that he asked us and his coach if he could do.

He truly has the passion for this sport and wants to learn and get better, and we totally support it!

With that said...he did do very well at last weekend's DeForest Gold Medal Tourney.

In his first match he tried a head-and-arm throw which ended up in the other kid's favor...LOL.

He tried something new, but he knows he needs a little more practice on that before introducing it into his bag of tricks in tournaments.

I was proud of him for giving it a try...that's what these tournaments are for at this age!

He ended up pinning both of the next two kids to give him 2nd place.

He was happy with the outcome and couldn't wait to show his neighbor's his newest "bling".

And, that my friend's, is what it is all about -- FUN!

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