Monday, January 6, 2014

Nathan Tied for 1st Place at the Sugar River Raider Rumble

Nathan has been wrestling for 3 years now (since he was in Kindergarten), and after each tournament my husband creates a video of his matches.

Nathan LOVES to rewatch his matches and see what he did and what he could do better.

With the holidays Sean was a little behind on creating the first video.

Nathan tied for 1st Place at the Sugar River Raider Rumble on December 15.

Ultimately he ended up getting 2nd place based on the overall standings but this is how it went down:

He wrestled the kiddo pictured in 3rd place first.
You can see in the video that it was a scrappy match, and Nathan ended up losing 12-11.

Then he wrestled the kiddo that is not present on the podium.  He pinned him, and after that the kid quit wrestling and went home.  Oops!!  =)

Then for the last match Nathan pinned the kid who actually ended up getting 1st place.  Crazy to me to see that he ends up winning it, but it turns out that the 3rd place kid that Nathan lost to was pinned by the 1st place kid...hence putting Nathan in 2nd I guess.

Nathan really wanted 1st place, but he was good natured about getting 2nd.

He knows that Wrestling is not a team sport.  You have no one to blame for your losses except yourself.  After watching the video he even points out to me things he should have done to win.


He is a VERY good sport AND a very good little athlete!!

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