Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sponge Monsters - 9.27.09

Auntie Shana and Uncle Ben got Nathan some fun little capsules that contained Sponge Monsters inside...LOL!! We were at Target one night, and Shana picked these up in the $1 bins. We had these when we were little so figured Nathan would enjoy them and heck for $1 who cares if he didn't. We now know why they were $1...HA HA HA!! It said to put them in warm water. Shana filled the bathroom sink with warm water...they didn't do a darn thing!! So she made it hotter...and then had to help the little monsters out of their nice little cacoons...LOL!! Nathan had a blast though...that's all that matters!! Thanks Auntie Shana and Uncle Ben for some cheap entertainment!!

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