Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nathan's Field Trip to Schuster's Playtime Farm - 10.7.09

I went on Nathan's Field Trip with his Preschool Class to Schuster's Playtime Farm. They had a petting farm, then we got to take a tractor ride down to the pumpkin patch where Nathan picked out a very cool little pumpkin. The only Rule was that the kiddos had to be able to carry their own pumpkin...LOL!! Nathan's buddy was Lauren!!

Here's our school bus!!

Here the kiddos are learning about the barn, the animals and the pumpkin patch.Tom the Turkey!!

Peanut Butter the Cow!!
Lucy and Larry the Llamas!!
Donald the Donkey!!
Nathan feeding Gary the Goat!!
Percy the Pig!!
Here they are on the tractor ride down to the pumpkin patch!!

Nathan and his first pumpkin of 2009!!

The Big Blue Tractor!!

Nathan and Miss Rebecca!!

Can you find Nathan?!?! He was tucked away in the very back.
Miss Rebecca told Nathan that he could stand up as long as he stood still and hung on. He was a very good boy and did as he was told.

The ride home...they look all tuckered out. It was a great time. Thanks Nathan for asking Mommy to go with you. I had a great time!!

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