Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eplegaarden Pumpkin Patch - 10.17.09

We did our annual pumpkin patch picking at Eplegaarden Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. We went with Stephen, Alyssa, Peter and Simon Sellwood, Rob, Krista and Noah Verhelst, Auntie Shana and Great Auntie Debbie. It was quite cold and VERY muddy!! Our shoes weighed about 10lbs each as they were caked in mud, but it was a lot of fun. Afterwards we all went to the Great Dane for some lunch...tasty!! Here's to another great year of pumpkins!!

Nathan and Morgan all cuddled up staying warm!!
I just love their new hats and jackets...too cute!! Thanks Grandma!!
Morgy Pie and Mommy!!
Auntie Shana and Miss Morgan!!
I love the face that Morgan is making in this picture!! LOL!!
One cool dude!!
Noah and Nathan are like two pea's in a pod!! Great Neighbors & Great Buddies!!
Kirwan Family 2009!!
Kirwan Family and Great Auntie Debbie!!
Kirwan Family and Auntie Shana!!
Rob holding Morgan. I love how this picture turned out. It makes it look like God was shining down on Rob, but we all know better!! LOL!!
Pull Nathan!! PULL!! It was hard for Sean to pull the wagon with Nathan in it because the wheels had like three inches of mud caked on them and pumpkin vines wrapped around them a billion times...LOL!!
Our yearly picture in front of the sign!!
Mommy and Morgan again!!
Peter is driving the bus, Noah is ready to get off the bus, and Nathan is chillin' on the bus!!
Morgan jumped in for this one!! I think the hat is covering her eyes...LOL!!
My little man is getting so big!!
Last year Morgan was in her infant car seat all bundled up in the stroller. This year she is crying her head off...NICE!! LOL!! Daddy, Nathan and Morgan (she's still screaming!!)
Nathan and Noah chillin' with the apple!!

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