Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Packers vs. Vikings - 10.5.09

These would have been so much more funny had I posted them before the game!! LOL!! So it gets ugly at the Kirwan house on Packer / Viking days!! Sean is originally from Minnesota so is naturally a Viking fan. I on the otherhand am a die hard Packer fan!! This is what I found when I pulled into my driveway after work that night. Sean had come home early and got that darn blow-up Viking out (Thanks Barb...ugh!!). I suppose he needed Mr. Air Head for back-up as I dressed both Nathan and Morgan in Packer attire that morning...hehehe. It caused quite the stir in our cul de sac...hahaha. All the neighbor men came out to hassle us!! It was a great game...wish the Packers had won though!!

Below is our neighbor Rob...he is not so much a 'Viking' fan, but rather a Brett Favre fan. I think this boy needs his head examined!! LOL!!

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