Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Badgers Beat The Gophers!!

Ok so I think this is hilarious!! Sean's little sister, Cassie, is going to college at the University of Minnesota. Not only is she going to college there, but she is in the Marching Band. We had all been trash talking, but then Cassie decides to go and make a $25 bet that the Gophers would whoop up on our Badgers!! LOL!! It was a great game!! A couple nights later, I come home and see the 'W' and Badger cookie cutters out on the counter along with some red food coloring. I asked him what the heck he was up to. Below was his creation. LOL!! He sent a "care package" to his little sister along with a Badger Beat the Gophers Newspaper Clipping!! LOL!! We Love You Cassie!! (I think it is time to transfer to the UW now though!!) :o)

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