Thursday, September 17, 2009

Par-Taying with My Peeps!! 9.12.09 into 9.13.09

Meet my buddy Dr. Vanillicuddy's...hehehe. My new friend seems to get me into trouble, and I have my sister-in-law Brandy to thank for that I believe...LOL!! Last year at our Slipapalooza Party she brought this tasty drink to mix with some other things and happened to leave it at my house. Well one night while playing drunk Wii at our house with my sister and her hubby and our next door neighbor's Rob and Krista we broke out the Dr. for some shots. Turns out that none of my friends or family enjoy doing shots of this tasty friend of mine. So Great News For Me!! I LOVE this stuff...and I think it loves hangovers the next day...teehee!!

Last week Rob and Krista purchased a full bottle of the Dr. just for me for our fire pit nights. Well after the Badger game we all came back to our house and watched some college football, got some pizza, drank a little and talked and laughed. Jen and Kevin decided to hit the hay around midnightish maybe (I lost track of time) as they had to leave our house at 4:00 a.m. to catch their flight back to Fresno out of Milwaukee...YIKES!! So that they could get some peaceful rest, we took the par-tay over to Rob and Krista's house and did a fire pit. Fire Pit = Dr. Vanilla = Keeley Let's Loose...LOL!! I actually was a pretty good girl compared to my hubby...LOL!! He was in very rare form. We all had a great time!!
Me and Shana chummin' it up!!
Me, Krista and Shana showing off our stuff. Sean told us to put'em out there...LOL!!
One mighty nice fire pit by Sean!!

Do not ask me what I am doing because I don't remember. LOL!!

Check out Ben's eyes...that dude had to get up a few hours later and go to work...poor guy!!
I remember taking these picutres, but I don't remember why Sean was snugglin' with my sista!! LOL!!

Looks like a good conversation between Krista and Ben...she's got the finger out...LOL!!
Good Grief Sean...are you passed out?!?!

Ok maybe now you are?!?!? LOL!!

We made our way home about 3:30ish...hehehe...had lots of fun playing frisbee in the dark and running around. I slept on the couch for about 20 minutes before Jen and Kevin got up and headed out. I managed to get my toosh off the couch and give them a proper send off and then crawled in bed around 4:00a.m. Of course Morgan decided it was time to get up around 7:00ish so I was rather sleepy but no hangover for this girl. Now the guy who looks passed out above woke up many hours after me with a headache...hehehe. I guess we will see what this weekend brings us as Saturday is our annual Kirwan Slipapalooza so be on the look out for those pictures!!


roxybonds said...

OMG- look what we missed!!!!!!!!!!

Keeley Kirwan said...

Next time you will need to leave later in the day or on a Monday so you can par-tay with us on Saturday and then be a slug with us on the couch watching pro-football, going to BW3's for some chicken wing lunch and then pizza for dinner with more football...LOL!!