Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morgan Opening Presents - 9.5.09

We decided instead of opening presents in her high chair or on mine or Sean's laps, we would have her sit with the people who gave her the present. Nathan and Gabe were quite helpful with opening everything for her...hehehe. Here she is with Grandma Laurie. She got a very cute baby doll that she absolutely became attached to. Whenever she was passed to the next person to open their present she had to have her baby with her. She also got a baby stroller which will help her learn to walk.

Nathan also got a little something...a coloring book with two cool race cars and crayons!!

When Sean went to hand her to Dana, Morgan started to cry. She was getting very tired as her normal bed time is 6:45ish, and it was about 8:00. So Auntie Cassie held her and as long as she had her baby all was good...hehehe. She got a very cute outfit and a Leap Frog Learning Catepillar.

Here she is with Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Tom. They gave her a Pop-Up Toy. I remember having one of these when my sister was little. Somethings never go out of style.

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