Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morgan Opening More Presents - 9.5.09

As you can see Morgan made it to see Great Auntie Debbie and Greg WITHOUT her baby so an unhappy baby we had...hehehe. She started to calm down once her baby was returned to her. She got some cute new clothes and some fun foam puzzle pieces.

Here she is with Nana Barb and Great Grandpa Howie. They put moola into her savings account and savings bonds. Great Idea Guys!!
Uncle Calvin and Trista came and brought some super cute Froggie PJ's!!

Here she is with Auntie Brandy. She got some super cute new outfits, pj's and girly blocks.

Morgan kept trying to get at the pj's because she wanted to pull the soft fuzzy footies up by her face. She always does that when she is tired...she will suck her thumb and pull her blanket, a stuffed toy, clothes, etc. up to her cheek when she is tired.
Here's the card from Nana Barb with a note about the money being placed in her Savings Account. She LOVED this card!!
And here is Daddy reading her Auntie Cassie's card which also had some money in it.

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