Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nathan Passed Level 3 - Turtle Class - 9.3.09

I wasn't able to get any pictures of Nathan swimming because he was swimming at the same time as Morgan. I needed to step away from the window so she didn't see me or she screamed even harder as if to say, "Help Me Mommy!! Get Me the Heck Out of Here!!" LOL!!

Nathan has been in Level 3 - Turtle for a little while as it is much more difficult than the Level 1 and 2 classes he had been in. I am so proud of my little man. He can swim 8 to 10 feet all by himself, and has absolutely no fear of the water. He jumps in and swims and swims and swims!! At age 3 he is a better swimmer than most elementary kids. He was in class with 4 and 5 year olds. We were told to have him attend Level 3 probably for the last time to make sure he had every thing down and was ready for Level 4. Well after class was over, his instructor told us he was definitely ready to move up to Level 4. This is a HUGE step for him!! I am so proud of you Nathan James!!

This is what class he is in now:
Level 4 Frog
Level 4 is the first course in our Learn to Swim Program. This is the class in which your child will be introduced to the four basic strokes in swimming: Frontcrawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. Our instructors emphasize the importance of a good head and body position in the water. The goal is for each child to optimize their balance by swimming. We specifically focus on having your child swim on top of the water as opposed to through it. We begin by teaching the Frontcrawl with a rollover breath and the Backstroke with a strong kick and arm reach. The Breaststroke kick is taught with a streamline glide and the beginning Butterfly stroke is introduced. Sit dives and the ability to retrieve rings off the bottom of the pool complete the skills in this course.

Here are the classes he has passed:
Level 3 Turtle
This is the final course for safety survival skills for your young swimmer. This class is designed to provide your child with several options if they were to ever fall in the water or become too tired while swimming. It emphasizes swim distance and rollovers, both of which will enable your child to orient themself if ever to fall into the water. Children also work on their back kick so they would be able to breathe or yell for help while propelling themselves to safety. Another safety skill that is accomplished in this level is being able to fall in, turn, swim back to the side of the pool, and climb out unassisted. Upon completion of this course, your child is ready to learn their strokes in levels 4-6.

Level 2 Guppy
This class emphasizes the basic safety survival skills your child will need in the water. We teach backfloats, monkey walks, submersions and beginning backfloat rollovers. Our focus is to eliminate the “fear of falling” by creating a balance while swimming underwater for up to 5 feet. Another technique we use to help children feel comfortable and balanced is to have them jump-in and float to the top of the water unassisted. Upon completion of this course, your child will be ready for the final level of our safety survival skills.

Level 1 Crab
This class is designed for the very beginning swimmer. Our goal is to make sure that your child feels comfortable in their aquatic environment without Mom or Dad. Using trust, patience, and compassion, our instructors will teach your child to overcome any fears or anxieties they may have about being in the water. We ensure your child’s success by providing them with continuous reinforcement. We focus on water exploration by using jump-ins, submersions, backfloats and our special “magic carpet” ride.

Little Dippers 2 Jellyfish
Little Dippers 2 is for babies age 12 to 24 months and specially designed to provide your baby with survival skills that they can use in their aquatic environment. We teach submersions, turns and swim back to the wall, as well as assisted standing jumps. At the end of this course, your Little Dipper will have skills that they can use if ever in a dangerous water situation.

Little Dippers 1 Snail -- This is the one Morgan is currently in.
Little Dippers 1 begins for babies 6 to 12 months old. We created this class to orientate your Little Dipper in the water with Mom or Dad. Using the benefit of songs and our proven aquatic techniques, we are able to teach submersions, sit jumps and wall hangs. The goal is to create a comfort level in and under the water. This comfort level will in turn give your baby the gift of freedom in the water as he/she grows older.

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