Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morgan's Family Birthday Party Before Dinner - 9.5.09

We had Morgan's Family Birthday Party up in Turtle Lake at the Stop-In. Lots of family came to wish little Miss Morgan a Happy 1st Birthday!!

Grandma Debbie & Papa Jeff
Great Grandma Gerry & Great Auntie Sandie
Auntie Shana and Uncle Ben
Nana Barb
Auntie Brandy, Uncle Matt and Gabe
Auntie Cassie
Uncle Calvin & Trista
Great Grandpa Howie
Great Auntie Debbie & Greg
Grandma Laurie & Brad
Uncle Korey
Great Grandma Carol & Great Grandpa Tom
Dana, Pete, Elliot, Connor & Tyler

I got that cute '1ST Birthday' Onsie at Gymboree!!
Morgan and Auntie Brandy before dinner.
This picture makes me smile...Morgan looks so 'devilish' in this picture!!
Morgan enjoying some Great Auntie Sandie time.
Morgan showing off her dancing skills to Great Auntie Sandie and Great Grandma Gerry!!
Morgan with Dana, Elliot, Tyler and Connor. Thanks for coming guys...she hadn't seen them since she was born!!

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