Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opening Morgan's Birthday Presents

The night we had Morgan's birthday party she was exhausted so we put her to bed before we opened her gifts. So this took place after the fact, but she didn't know the difference!!
Nathan was a fabulous little helper!!
Our dog, Sammy, joining in on the fun!!
Morgan opening two books from Brenda, Craig, Olivia and Danny Neis. She loves these two books by the way. They are some of the only toys she will play with/look at on a daily basis.
They also gave her the Busy Ball Popper!! Nathan and Olivia love the one Olivia has. Kept her entertained for quite a while. Nathan was a good big brother and kept filling the balls back up for her!!

From Sarah, Nick, Haylee and Gavin Goetsch she got a cute outfit and baby doll as well as a fun little bug car!! She now has her own cars to race Nathan with!!
From Great Auntie JoAnn she got a very cute outfit, her first pair of sunglasses and a hair bow. It may be a little while before the hair bow will work, but she is getting there slowly but surely. We tried and tried and tried to get a good picture of her with the glasses on, but once we got them on we just weren't fast enough with the camera to get the picture...little turkey.
From Bob, Jackie and Tyler she got the Little People Shapes Boat. She likes sucking on the little guy that came with it...hehehe.
From Rob, Krista and Noah Verhelst she got her very first pair of Uggz...she wasn't sure what to think of them at first, but once they were on she was totally cool with them. They looks so soft and fuzzy!! She also got the cute book that is on my leg!!
Aren't they freaking adorable!!??!! I LOVE them with those puggie thighs!!
From Julie, Cory and Connor Chancellor she got two awesome wood puzzles. These are the other birthday item that she plays with on an everyday basis!! Usually she is carrying one of the wooden handles in her mouth like a puppy. Every time I try to get a picture of her doing it she drops it...LOL...what a stinker!!

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