Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ok WOW is all I can say...where did time go?!?! My last post was in March and is now July. Where the heck have I been you want to know?!?! I have been one busy gal. My full-time job as a Customs Planner for a Biotech Company here in Madison has kept me very, very, very busy. In February, a planner was let go so for a couple month's I had taken on parts of that job.

During that time, my Close To My Heart business took off faster than I had anticipated it to. I have been doing 3 to 5 workshops a month which has taken up a lot of my free time. It's not that I forgot about you all...I just needed to get everything in order and figure out what I wanted this new business to entail. I LOVE CTMH!! It is super exciting and has gotten my creative juices flowing. Now I need to go back and take pictures of those things that I have created so I can share them with you!!

Again I have become very busy at my full-time job again with people taking vacations and new projects popping up. I enjoy staying busy as it makes the day go by faster.

Speaking of days going by baby is already over 10 months old. Where the heck has that time gone?!?! She is so adorable and good natured. Morgan is always smiling and jabbering away. She is crawling now...well if you count backwards as crawling...hehehe. She absolutely LOVES the Gerber Banana should hear her squeal when she runs out and wants's too cute.

As for my little man...Nathan is 3 1/2 and total boy!! His favorite new phase is Super Herios...that's not a typo...he says it like Cheerios minus the 'C'. It's super funny!! He loves anything and everything that has to do with Super Hero's. His favorites right now are Spiderman, Batman, the Incredible Hulk, and Buzz Lightyear. Every night he stands at the end of his bed with his arms outstreteched and yells, "To Infinity, And Beyond!" and then dives to his pillow. He is obsessed with a particular book that my mom got him regarding Super Hero's. He had her read it to him about 50+ times while we were in Canada the end of June. He seriously can recite the six short stories to you...word for word. Speaking of little fella can now spell his first and last name and is very happy to spell it for you!! When asked his name he always says the entire thing..."I'm Nathan James Kirwan".

They are both a ton of fun, and I am really going to try a lot harder to stay up-to-date on here as the two of them make me laugh on a daily basis. I can't imagine what my life would be like without them.

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