Tuesday, July 7, 2009

St. Austin Head Shaving Day - 3/22/09

This is later that same day as the crazy colored hair below. Our next door neighbor, Lexy who's only in her mid-30s, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She had a softball sized mass next to her heart. How scary is that. She has two young children and her entire life ahead of her. She is one strong woman who we know will beat it!! Us along with our other neighbor's decided to hold a fundraising event to raise money for Lymphoma Research here at the University of Wisconsin. Sean, Rob (our neighbor), Justin (a co-worker of Sean's) and Nathan were going to shave their heads in honor of Lexy. She too had just shaved her head that same morning!! The boys raised over $1500 together in two days!! It was a great party and lots of laughing was had...laughter is the best medicine you know!! Here are a bunch of pictures from that party!!

Sean and Nathan before they shaved their melons.
Sean's co-worker Justin before shaving his head.
Lexy shaved both Rob (pictured below) and Sean's head. She had a lot of fun doing it I think!!

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