Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Update - 7.17.09 thru 7.19.09

This weekend was a very fun, productive and unusual one for the Kirwan's. Sean packed up some camping stuff and the kids and headed up north while I stayed in Madison. WHAT?!?! LOL!! He headed up to Turtle Lake with Nathan and Morgan and dropped them off with Grandma and Papa for the weekend.

Then he headed to Chetek to hang out with some friends on the lake. We did this for a day last year as it was the same weekend as the Turtle Lake Fair, but this year he made a weekend of it as the TL Fair was the previous weekend. I chose to stay in Madison as I had a friend's baby shower on Saturday and a CTMH workshop on Sunday. My goal was to get my scrapbook room put together.

Back on January 31st, we decided to swap the playroom and my scrapbook room around as Nathan would never play up there by himself, and when he would go up there, he would bring all the toys he wanted to play with back downstairs. We ended up either hauling it all back up when he went to bed or had a very messy livingroom for a while. My scrapbook room used to be next to the living room with French Doors...well now it is the playroom...hahaha. It has worked out great as he keeps his toys in there and helps me put the stuff away before bed (usually).

Well I had neglected my scraproom upstairs since then as I just didn't have time with Sean home and the kids. There always seemed to be something else to be doing with them. So they left around noon on Friday so I got to work. I only stopped for bathroom and water breaks and dinner. I put together my Clip It Up. The top tier has my 'bling' and the bottom tier is all of my Thickers and large Prima sheets of bling. I then emptied out the closet that is in there. It had about 4 boxes of books, a bunch of toys from when I was little for Morgan when she gets older, some baby stuff, etc. Then I put all my larger storage units in there. That took a while because some of that stuff was quite heavy, and I had to move a ton of stuff on the floor to get it over to the closet...hahaha. I stopped at 11:00 p.m. as I had a few baby shower prizes to make for Saturday's shower. I went to bed around 12:30.

I wish I could have taken a before picture because you guys would seriously never believe my disaster in there. And there is not one person that could have told me their room was worse because I didn't have any shelves, storage, etc. to put all my stuff on so it was seriously covering almost every inch of the floor as well as the tables in there and the spare bed. Sean had the camera up north so no picture for proof, but I am sure Sean, my sister and friends would agree!!

I also wish I could have gotten a picture of the cute Wisconsin Badger Baby Shower Prize bags that I made. They are decorating their little baby Finn's bedroom in Badger stuff so it was appropriate...hehehe. They asked me to provide the prizes from my CTMH stuff...what a great idea!!

Sean headed out on the lakes of Chetek with our friends in their speed boat for a bit. They got their tents and such set up. I think he said he was in bed by 11:30 that night. The kiddos got to Grandma and Papa's about 4:00ish. They were great car riders on the way up.

On Saturday I got up at 9:00 and headed straight to the room. I took care of my buttons, eyelets, brads, rub-ons, journaling spots, etc. I stopped at 11:30 to go shower, eat breakfast and wrap my gifts. Then I left the house at 12:30 for the baby shower. It was a lot of fun and nice to get out. I got home about 4:00. Shana and Ben came over and brought Toppers with them...yum yum!! We then went back up to my room and got busy. Shana was sweet enough to start wrapping a bunch of my ribbon...I have wwaaaaayy too much!! She also helped me figure out how to store all my flowers...which I again have wwaaaayy too many. I even split a ton of packages with her. I think she went home with 4 quart size ziplock baggies heaping full of flowers!! She left around 9:00, and then I continued to sort flowers and some other things until 1:00 a.m.

Sean hit the lake again...it was quite chilly up there...high 50s to low 60s so no swimming took place. They had rented a pontoon for some more cruising the lakes and drinking which is what we did last year. I was prego with Morgan so no drinking for me and Sean was the 'sober boat driver!" lol!! He again took on the Captain job. They had fun. Came back and grilled out and then did a fire pit. The kids went for walks with Grandma and hung out and played.

On Sunday I decided to take advantage of having the house to myself and slept in until 10:00 a.m. Not exactly sleeping in when you went to bed at 1:00 but it was nice and quiet so quality sleep!! HA HA HA!! I got up and found more buttons and brads to put away...ugh...lol!! I also took care of my Cricut and Sizzix stuff. We have a twin size day bed in there that is back in the nook of the bonus room. It works great there as the closet sticks out just as wide as the bed so no real space is lost. The only thing is that under the day bed is another twin size bed that pulls out. It works great, but I need to leave enough room open in my room to accomodate when that bed is pulled out. I can put stuff that can be easily moved there until someone comes to stay...hehehe. I got the floor almost completely cleaned off as well as the desks. Most of what is left is all paper.

Sean finally got to get in the water in Chetek around 11:45. He did a couple laps of water skiing, and then they packed up to head home. He headed to Turtle Lake and hung out with my family for a bit. Nathan got to go on a 4-wheeler ride with Papa...he absolutley loves doing that, and I think Papa enjoys it too!! They left their house at 4:00 and headed to Grandma Laurie's house for a little visit. Sean called me at 6:00 p.m. and said they just left Turtle Lake and were on their way home. They stopped at Culver's in Eau Claire for some dinner around 7:00ish.

I worked on my room until 7:00 p.m. and then called my neighbor's to see if they wanted to do a Culver's run for some frozen custard. If Sean was going to go I wanted to too, and it sure sounded good!! We walked there which was nice - 2.2 miles and a tasty Heath Bar Concrete Shake with some cheese curds made a delicious dinner!! Then we came home, and I did some more organizing from 9 to about 10:30 when the kiddos came home. We got them to bed, and I put a couple loads of laundry and headed to bed too!!

I would say I am about 3/4 of the way done with what was in my scraproom. I still have the CTMH stuff downstairs to do, but I gotta get some more cubes for storage before I tackle that. Oh yeah...for storage I bought 24 of the Jet Max white cubes from Michaels using 40% and 50% off coupons since February. They are stacked 5 high for 4 columns and then some shelves. There are also another 4 with a couple shelves which then have my printer/scanner, Cricut Expression, Cartridges and Clip It UP on them. I haven't moved any of my Close To My Heart Stuff upstairs yet. I want to get 9 more cubes and 6 more shelves to put along one more wall for all my CTMH stuff. It is turning out just like I pictured it so far so I am totally excited about that!!

It is great to have the family all back in Madison. I can't wait to get in there again and continue to organize. I just can't do it when they are home as Morgan is crawling now and would definitly make a mess...hehehe. When she goes to bed that's when I get quality Nathan time so don't wanna miss out on that. Then by the time he goes to bed I am normally tired so head to bed shortly after that...hehehe. At least it is for the most part presentable...hehehe.

If you read all of this I am very impressed! HA HA HA!!

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