Sunday, March 15, 2009


So sorry to all of you that stop by here expecting/hoping/praying to see cute pictures of Nathan and Morgan and not just coupons and good scrapbooking deals. The coupons take no time at all to load...a quick push of a button and boom they are loaded. I have been soooo busy with my full-time job it is crazy. I am hoping once the month of March is over things will slow down a little bit...I sure hope so anyway!! I also have been really busy with my fun new part-time job - Close To My Heart. I have held three Home Gatherings and today will be my second workshop. Things are going super!! I have lots of pictures and cute stories to post and just not a lot of time right now so promise as soon as I can I will.

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roxybonds said...

GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!