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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you tell me more about Close To My Heart?
Absolutely!! Close To My Heart is a direct sales company that offers a wide array of papercrafting products, with special emphasis on scrapbooking and stamping. For more than 35 years, founder and CEO Jeanette Lynton has been a leader in the industry, making many significant contributions to these arts, and making Close To My Heart a premier resource for individuals wishing to enhance their artistic talents and pursue a successful business opportunity. Close To My Heart’s Makers enjoy a generous compensation plan, which rewards them for promoting our innovative and beautiful products to help every crafter celebrate relationships, share memories, and preserve the moments that matter most.

2.  What is the cost of becoming a Close To My Heart Maker and what products do I get when I sign up?

Signing up as a Maker costs just $50 plus tax. When you sign up, you will receive $25 in CTMH Cash to use for ordering your own start-up products. You’ll also be able to order a FREE Business Basics Bundle containing a variety of business supplies to help you get your business started.

3.  Is there a renewal fee to remain a Close To My Heart Maker?

An annual renewal fee of $25 will be charged each year that you remain a Close To My Heart Maker. This fee helps offset costs related to operating the business, such as credit card processing fees, website maintenance fees, and others.

4.  What discount do I receive as a Maker?

Consultants receive a minimum base commission of 25%, which can increase up to 45%%, depending on monthly sales totals. Makers can also earn product credit and other great rewards based on their orders and other performance benchmarks. When you decide to build a Team, your earning potential is even greater!!

This chart outlines the commission (or discount) you receive based on monthly commissionable sales.

5.  As a new Maker, can I earn FREE products?

Yes!! You are immediately eligible for the Start with heart Program, with the chance to earn exclusive products in your first 45 days. There are three levels in the program, with rewards given at each level based on your personal sales. If you reach all three levels by the deadline dates, you will receive the following FREE products: a bundle of 5 shimmer brushes, a bundle of cardstock containing one sheet of all of our current colors, and a collection of Workspace Wonder products!!

6.  What are the sales requirements for Makers?

To remain an active Maker you must submit a minimum of $300 in sales per calendar quarter. If you sign up part way through a quarter, you are not required to meet the sales requirements during that quarter. The first quarter you would be required to meet the minimum sales requirements in would be the next full quarter after you sign up.

7.  What is a calendar quarter?

Our calendar quarters are a period of three consecutive months, beginning in January. There are four quarters per year, as follows:

Quarter 1: January–March
Quarter 2: April–June
Quarter 3: July–September
Quarter 4: October–December

8.  Do I have to build a business?

You have the opportunity to build any size of business you choose, but you don’t have to. Many Makers buy the products at a discount for their personal use. You are welcome to simply enjoy the discount, or choose to earn income by selling to friends and family. Or you can plan to build a business where you are your own boss and earn a great income. It’s completely up to you!!

9.  Am I required to keep an inventory of products?

No. We recommend ordering products as you and your customers need them, rather than investing lots of money up front. This means you can begin a home-based business for very little start-up cost!! It’s one of the most affordable business models in the world.

10.  What training is available for new Makers?

Close To My Heart offers all the training you will need!! The following resources will be at your fingertips:

  • Business videos to teach you what you need to know
  • Product videos to keep you updated on all the latest products
  • Training courses to teach you how to run your business
  • Maker Facebook groups for artwork inspiration and community building
  • FREE, pre-designed projects and workshops you can use to create beautiful layouts and cards

Between the Home Office resources, your Team’s resources, and our incredible community of Makers, you will always find the help you need.

11.  Does Close To My Heart offer events?

Absolutely!! We host a variety of events for unveiling new products, completing creative projects together, offering business training, and more!!

In addition to these incredible events, you also have the opportunity to earn our awesome annual incentive trip for you and a guest -- FREE!!

12.  How much does it cost to have a website?

Every Maker is given a personal website at no additional charge!! This is a professionally designed and maintained e-commerce site that is a terrific benefit of being a Maker with Close To My Heart. Your friends and customers can place orders through your website 24 hours a day, and their orders will be shipped directly to their home. And the best news is that you earn commission on these orders. It’s that easy!!

13.  Can I accept credit card payments for orders from customers? What fees will I incur?

On orders placed through your Maker Website, customers can use Visa, MasterCard, or Discover to pay for their orders. There is no charge for you to accept these payment forms. Additionally, you can accept these same credit cards as payment for orders you enter through our normal Order Entry system. No processing fees are passed on to you.

14.  How do I sign up?

It’s quick and easy—it takes less than five minutes. Visit the “Join Our Maker Family!!” page, or follow the “Let’s get started” link below.

For most new Makers, the approval process will be instantaneous, but if you have previously been a Close To My Heart Maker, the approval process may take a few days. You will receive an email notification as soon as your application is processed.

15.  Which credit cards do you accept as payment for my enrollment?

Close To My Heart accepts Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Our website is secure and encrypted to keep your private data safe.

Whatever your reason for signing up, there really is no risk!! 

Ready to become a Maker? Let’s get started.

The From the Heart Embellishers Family is made up of over 70 wonderfully creative women in over 25 states!!  We are a part of the BIGGEST and most celebrated team in the company -- The Dream Team!!

I'm looking for people, just like you, to join my team.  At Close To My Heart it's easy to choose the type of consultant that meets YOUR needs:

·                     Business Builder: Work with customers holding Home Gatherings, Clubs, Workshops, Crops and Expos.  Make additional income to contribute to your household.  Start the day knowing you are your own boss!!

·                     Club Coordinator: You have a group of friends that love to get together and scrapbook.  They love Close To My Heart products as much as you do and want to learn how to use the products in a “workshop” setting.  Get 5 or more together, once a month, to create on of Close To My Heart's Workshop on the Go Kits.  You'll benefit from the 22% discount , on these purchases, as well as the Hostess Rewards.

·                     Hobbyist (Personal Use Consultant): You love the product and just want the discount for yourself.  You may have a few friends/family/co-workers that also enjoy using the product and choose to place orders with you.  You have no problem meeting the $300.00 quarterly minimum and receiving the 25% discount off these purchases.
When you join the From the Heart Embellishers Family you will get:
* Support from ME to help you reach your CTMH goals!!
* Online support from our Team via the Team Facebook Group!!

* Online support and training from Corporate CTMH!!

There is a place for everyone at Close To My Heart and on my team!!  From California to New York, Washington to Florida and even Alaska ... I have consultants all over the country.  We'd love to have you be a part of the From the Heart Embellishers Family too!!

No matter which type of consultant you choose to be we have a place for YOU on our team!!  Hobbyists and Business Builders alike are welcomed with open arms.  I joined Close To My Heart 12 years ago for the discount.  I thought I could teach a class or two and share my love for paper crafting with others.  Little did I know that my passion for crafting would provide me with a steady income, allow me to build wonderful relationships with other crafters, both customers and team member alike, be recognized on stage at Convention as one of the companies leaders and top team builders and mostly build a family that I adore!!  Most recently, it has awarded with me AND my husband with an all expenses paid trip to New York City & a Cruise to Bermuda, as well as trips to Tahiti and Thailand, an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, a Cruise to Western Caribbean, the Eastern Caribbean, the Southern Caribbean, and one to Hawaii, an all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica, a trip to the Disney Aulani Resort in Oahu, Hawaii and soon a trip to Maui, Hawaii!!  It has been an exciting journey and can't wait to continue it with YOU!!

Please contact me with any questions you may have or if you just want to talk in person to see if we are a good fit for you.

Email -- keeleyskreations@gmail.com

Call or Text -- (608) 320-9801

If you are ready to sign up now, you can find the online application HERE

Close To My Heart is more than just a papercrafting company -- We are a FAMILY!!  So Join Us Today!!

With Ink on My Fingers and Glitter In My Hair,


Keeley Kirwan
Close To My Heart Innovator and Proud Leader of  the Team -- From the Heart Embellishers
15x Award Winning Team Builder --
Convention 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012 & 2011 and Annual 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014
10x Incentive Trip Earner --
New York City & Bermuda Cruise 2021, Tahiti 2020, Western Caribbean 2019, Thailand 2018, Puerto Vallarta 2017, Eastern Caribbean 2016, Hawaii 2015, Costa Rica 2014, Southern Caribbean 2013 and Hawaii 2012
Currently Working Towards Maui 2022
Consultant Since January 2009
Visit My CTMH Site: keeleyskreations.ctmh.com Visit My Blog: keeleyskreations.blogspot.com Like Me on Facebook: facebook.com/keeleys.ctmh.kreations Follow Me on Instagram: @keeleyskreations Follow Me on Pinterest: pinterest.com/keeleyskreation/ Follow Me on Twitter: @keeleyskreation Text or Call: (608) 320-9801

We show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity, to preserve and share the moments that matter most!!

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