Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The M&M's Christmas Story

I saw this super cute story about M&M's and Christmas. They had made cute little tins with the poem on the outside and a bunch of red and green M&M's on the inside.

The M & M's Christmas Story
by Pam Ridenour

As you hold these candies in your hand,
and turn them, you will see...
The M becomes a W, an E, and then a 3.
They tell the Christmas story. It's one I'm sure you know.
It took place in a stable a long, long, time ago.
The E is for the East, where the star shone so bright.
The M is for the Manger, where Baby Jesus slept that night.
The 3 is for the wise men, who came bearing gifts.
W is for Worship. Hallelujah, praise His name!
So as you eat these candies,
or share them with your friends,
remember the meaning of Christmas.
It's a love story that never ends.

To Get You In the Christmas Mood...

My friend Shanna sent me an e-mail with some funny holiday cartoons...thought I would share this one as it totally cracked me up!! LOL!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008




I won some blog candy on my friend Andrea's blog. On 12/2 she posted, "Okay my oldest will turn 18 on Dec. 5th! So I'm in the mood for giving some blog candy! To win this fabulous Maya Road Chipboard Desk Calendar (with 6x6 paper and embellies) all you have to do is put a link of this contest on your blog and leave a comment! Please comment before Dec. 5th 12 midnight pst. The contest will close at that time. I will pick a winner by random draw on Dec. 6th! That's it!!"

**Now you need to go check out her blog as she is giving away a prize for entering her contest AND for posting the link to her blog on yours. I have it posted right below this post!! THANKS!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Night Before Christmas, Scrapping Style!!

This was too cute!!

Twas the night before Christmas, I’m glued to the tree.
I’m wondering what Santa brought just for me.
Could it be cardstock or chipboard or lace?
Or a Cricut, I said, with a smile on my face.

And that’s when I heard him,
“Hi Santa, “ I said
“You know....good little girls
should be in their beds.”

“I know I should Santa,
and now I’ve got caught.
But I was just so excited
To see what you brought.”

“Well, let’s take a look
in this room where you work.
He shook his head quickly,
And left with a jerk.

I heard him exclaim
as he put it in gear.
“You’ve got enough crap,
I’ll see you next year!”

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu."
Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!" said Rosita.
Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged."
"But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon." replied Rosita.
"Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me."
Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu.
"Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang.....
"Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year."


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks

Nathan loves to watch this cartoon on Discovery Kids. Of course he likes ANYTHING with Wheels so this has quickly become a favorite. Here he is singing to the opening song. I had to post the link because putting the video right on my blog didn't work due to the Christmas music playing. Enjoy!


Christmas Music...

I have added some Christmas Music to help get us all in the spirit of the Holidays. Trust me I am definitly starting to get there. We just had freezing rain and 5 inches of snow since yesterday. It has continued to flurry all afternoon and another 5 inches is predicted by midnight tonight. This is how it all started out last year...once the snow starts it doesn't want to stop!! Makes for a very, very, very long winter!! That's why I am loving Kenny Chesney's song "All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan!" HA HA HA!! Happy Holidays!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Crafty Mama is Having a HUGE Holiday Sale...

My friend the Crafty Mama (aka. Kelci) is having a HUGE holiday sale in her Etsy shop at Crafty Mama Creations to make room for her all new 2009 creations! She makes wonderful things! I own three of her purses, multiple outfits for my kiddos, etc. Stop in and Check it out!

Check It Out...

My friend Andrea over at Blueprint Sketches is giving away some blog candy!!!

Cool Christmas Site for Kiddos

This site has lots of free things you can do with your kids.

*Send a letter to Santa and receive a personalized return letter
*Send holiday postcards
*Stories to read and color
*Santa's birthday cards
*Games to play
*Holiday recipes
*North Pole wallpaper
*Puzzles and activities
*Good Deed Calendar
*Find the hidden stories
*Naughty or Nice list
*Santa Tracker (Dec. 24)
*Santa's list of favorite holiday movies, songs, books, etc.
*Visit with Santa's Reindeer
*Chat with the elves
*Personalize a Santa Story


Quiz: What scrapbooking item are you?


I was:

You are PAPER! You are an all natural basic person who likes to act as a foundation to others. You are willing to take a backseat in most of your relationships and let others take the spotlight, while you show your support and help them shine! Underneath it all, you are the one who makes it all happen. You are the focus and stability in any group, even if you are not the leader. Others look to you to set the pace and provide ideas for ways to get things done. But Paper Beware - sometimes you get a little edgy with the people who look to you for support and can give them some papercut remarks that can hurt their feelings. Remember to watch what you say, because you are best when leading by example.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Promega Holiday Party

Last night was my work Holiday party. It was a lot of fun. We had dinner, some drinks, played casino games and had lots of prize drawings of which I was not a winner...hehehe. I started back to work on Monday, December 1st, and it was good to get back into the swing of things. I enjoy "most" of my co-workers so that always helps!! Here's Sean and I.

This is my co-worker Mike and his wife Mary Pat. Mike was definitly enjoyed the "drinks" this year...hehehe.

This is my co-worker Ryan with his girlfriend Kelly.

And last but not least this is my co-worker Jeremy and his wife Jen. Jeremy, like Mike, was "enjoying" the drinks...hehehe.

Bathing Beauties!!

Thursday nights are bath night as Nathan has swimming lessons. Morgan looks sooooo big in these pictures compared to those that we took of her 1st bath...sniffle sniffle. Daddy decided it was her last time taking a bath in her little bathtub outside of the big one. She LOVES to splash with her feet now, and Daddy ended up pretty darn wet...I thought it was hilarious!!

Morgan's 1st Day of Daycare - 12/1

Morgan's 1st day of daycare was Monday. She did great!! Only cried once cause she was hungry. On Wednesday she had a screaming fit though. Kelly said that she has never heard a baby cry that loudly...HA HA HA!!! Whenever Morgan cries, it makes our friend Connor cry too!! LOL!! She did great all week!!

Nathan's 1st Day of Preschool - 12/1

Monday was Nathan's 1st Day of Preschool at Here We Grow Learning Center! It had snowed the night before so Daddy was out snowblowing the driveway. Nathan and I were standing in the window watching him. I asked Nathan if he was excited to go to Preschool, and he looked at me and said, "Mommy please don't leave me!" and started to cry. I almost lost it right there...as if it isn't hard enough to take my baby (he will be 3 on the 29th of December) to Preschool but then to see him upset about it. I told him it would be a ton of fun and a lot like Kelly's but with more kids to play with. I wasn't too worried about him going as he already knows his teacher as we have been friends with her for a few years. After he calmed down we headed out. He did GREAT!! When I went to pick him up, he didn't want to leave as he was having so much fun with his new friends...hehehe. He went on Wednesday and Friday and had a blast!! He stayed dry in his big boy undies even through naptime!! He has done so well with potty training since visiting the Preschool 2 weeks ago.

Visiting Great Grandma Becker

On Saturday we went and visited Great Grandma Becker. Nathan had lots of fun playing at her house!! It was her first time getting to see Morgan in person!!

Here's Nathan, Great Grandma Becker, Morgan and Papa.

I LOVE Shopping on Black Friday...

Ok so many of my friends and family think I am nuts to go shopping on Black Friday!! Now if I stayed in Madison that day...no way would I venture out as there are just too many people. But we go up north to Turtle Lake, Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and do our shopping in Rice Lake, WI. There is a Wal-Mart, KMart, Shopko and a small mall. Yes...Wal-Mart is a zoo so we avoid it, but the rest of the places are usually not too bad. My mom and I (sometimes my sister too) usually get up around 7:30ish and head out about 8:15ish...we normally stop and grab a bite to eat at Perkins and then off to shop. We aren't the early risers trying to get the door busters as soon as stores open (I like my sleep too much...hehehe). We usually get some great deals at JCPenny and Herbergers on kids clothes...60% off until 1:00 and then 40% off after that...ya can't go wrong. The lines really aren't too bad either. I got a brown leather jacket that is normally $75 for only $25...WOOHOO!! Did I need another jacket...no not really, but it was cute (my mom said I look like a biker chick...yeah baby!!) and you can't pass that price up...HA HA HA!!! We got Nathan and Morgan some super cute clothes as well as getting a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done!! So to me Black Friday is soooooo worth venturing out!!

Our Thanksgiving...

We went up north to Turtle Lake on Wednesday night and stayed with Grandma and Papa Becker. On Thanksgiving we headed to Grandma Laurie's house to see everyone. Here's my "Little Turkey" on Turkey Day...what a cutie...hehehe.

Here's Morgy sleeping with Grandma Laurie and the two Viszla puppies.

Here's Morgy jabbering away with Mommy!!

Daddy with his two cuties!!

Morgan's 1st Robeez!!

I bought Morgan her 1st pair of Robeez - Size 0-6 months. I had heard that they were such great shoes, but I just couldn't justify spending $25 bucks on shoes for an infant...hahaha!! However, once I got these I realized how awesome they are. Nathan would always kick his shoes off and so it was with his little sister too. Once we put these on she kept warm feet because she couldn't kick them off!! WOOHOO!! And of course they are so stinkin' cute with the little owls on them...hehehe!!

Nathan's 3 Year Pictures

Morgan's 3 Month Pictures

Kirwan Family Picture 2008

Our Holiday Pictures...