Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get on here before we head up north tomorrow after work!! Drive Safely and Eat Too Much!! hehehe.

For those of you braving Black Friday...GOOD LUCK & Hope you find a ton of good bargains. I will be out and about braving the crowds and getting some rockin' deals!!

(((HUGS))) to my sis who has to stay in Madison for the Holidays dealing with the crisis phone. I will be thinking of you and doing a little Christmas shopping for ya while you are stuck working!! Love You and Know That You Will Be Missed Dearly!!

Picture Disappointment...

We had an appointment at Portrait Innovations tonight at 5:50 to get our Christmas Card Picture, Family Picture, Nathan's 3-Year Picture and Morgan's 3-Month Picture taken. All went fairly well - Morgan pretty much cried the entire time, but between meltdowns we were able to get some cute photos. For those of you that haven't been there before, you get your pictures taken, view them on a large screen tv and decide what you want to order, and then they print them there and you get to take them home with you. Well because of the Holiday Season fast approching...they were swamped. She said it would take an hour and a half to get them so we went to dinner. They said they would call Sean's cell phone when they were done. We finished eating and no phone call, so Sean kindly dropped me off at Michael's so I could do a little shopping for my swaps (see felt swap in previous posts...hehehe). Got done there at 9:00 and headed back to Portrait Innovations to see if our pictures were done...NOPE!! She hadn't even started them yet. They were backed way the heck up...she said they would be done tomorrow so Sean will pick them up on his way home from work. I will post them as soon as I can!!

Felt Pretties...

So I joined a Swap on the Scrapbooking Board I belong to called Felt Pretties. I joined a boy, girl and neutral group. You have to make something out of felt that can be used on a scrapbook page or card, etc.

Here's my Boy Group:

Here's My Girl Group:
Here's My Neutral Group:

Halloween 2008 Puzzle Book

Here is an album I have been working on for the past couple of days. It is this year's Halloween Pictures. The first few pages are of Nathan and Morgan with Auntie Shana and Uncle Ben. They babysat them one Monday evening so Sean and I could play volleyball. They bought the kiddos Mr. Potato Head Halloween Parts for pumpkins as Sean isn't real "into carving" the pumpkins...LOL!! They turned out super cute. Too bad my first two pics didn't go horizontal like they were suppose to...sorry!! The last half of the ablum is the actual Trick-Or-Treating on Halloween. We went out with our neighbor's and Nathan had a blast. Morgan was not so fond of it...she pretty much screamed the entire way. Sean pushed her around in her long as she was moving she wasn't quite as loud...HA HA HA!!

Peter's Pumpkin Patch 2005

So before I started Shana's Honeymoon Album, I had actually done a layout for my friend's son Peter. My plan was to do a two-page spread for each major Holiday - Halloween (pumpkin patch), Christmas, Birthday, etc. for him as she doesn't scrapbook. Well I think I did one layout and then started Shana's album. I found all the stuff I had set aside for Peter's pages and decided to start working on them. Poor little guy is 3 1/2 years old already, and I just managed to get around to scrapping his first pumpkin patch outing back in October of 2005...hehehe. The first LO was done a LONG time ago...the second layout was created last night!!

By the way...if I am rambling I apologize. I stayed up until 3:15 a.m. working on this layout...ha ha ha...yeah I know I'm nuts!! We had volleyball from 6:00 to 9:00 and then watched the Packer Game at a friend's house so didn't get home real early and had to put the kids to bed, etc. Needless to say I lost track of time!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I LOVE this new layout that I did this afternoon. I did it for the November Monthly Layout Challenge on the scrapbook board I belong to. You had to use the word Thankful somewhere on it. She will post all the layouts that were entered on Wednesday and open the voting and post the winner on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed...hehehe.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nathan Has Quite the Imagination!!

I made Nathan a ham and cheese sandwich for supper tonight. As I was making my own, Nathan says to me, "Mommy scissors!!" I looked up from buttering my bread and laughed so hard. He was holding the crusts of his sandwich in his hands, and they kind of did look like scissors!! My boy sure has a good imagination!!

One of A Kind Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Show

Friday night Shana and I attended the One of A Kind Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Show's Make-N-Take Market where we got to make projects by many of the vendors from 6pm to 10pm. We had a lot of fun and went back on Saturday to do a little shopping!!
We stamped a flower on grungeboard, made a CTMH tag, made a Creative Memories Tag, made an elf Christmas Card at the Eyelet Outlet store, and made a bookmark. We made another bookmark and two little notebooks.
We also made a bunch of cards.

Our Big Boy!!

Nathan started wearing his big boy underwear (Cars) during the day on Wednesday, November 19. He still wears a pull-up at naptime and at night, but knock on wood - we haven't had an accident in them yet!! WOOHOO!! Way To Go Nathan!!

Rainbows Smell Like ?!?!?!

Did you know that rainbows smell like... LOL!! I didn't know they had an odor, but the other day Nathan and I had a conversation that went like this:

Nathan: Mommy look...a rainbow!!
Me: Very cool!! What are you doing??
Nathan: (laying on the floor with his nose pressed to the carpet) Smelling it!!
Me: What does it smell like?
Nathan: Smells like ICE!!

I had no idea that rainbows smelled...much less smelled like ice!! LOL!!

Weekend at The Wilderness Resort in WI Dells

We went to the Wilderness Resort in WI Dells last weekend (November 15 - November 17) with a bunch of our friends. This is an annual trip that we do thanks to our wonderful friends Brenda, Craig and Little Miss Olivia (sitting next to Nathan below). The kids all had a blast!!

This was the drive from Madison to Wisconsin Dells.
Here's Nathan showing off his water wings. He had never worn them before, but absolutely loved them as he could be Mr. Independent in the water...he wanted to swim by himself - no help from mom and dad!! LOL!!
He only glommed on to me for pictures and when he got cold...HAHAHA!!
Morgan didn't attempt the pool year for sure!! Here she is getting her beauty sleep!!
Everytime I tried to get a picture of her smiling she would stop...but Sean finally captured it on camera!!
Sunday night we went to Buffalo Phil's for dinner with our friends and then hit up Knuckleheads which is a family entertainment center that has bowling, arcade games, go-carts, rides, etc. Nathan LOVED it!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shana's Honeymoon Album is FINISHED!!

I finished it!! It ended up being 64 pages long and split into 2 albums. It was just over 4 1/2 inches thick...hehehe!! She will get them on Monday night when she comes over to babysit Nathan and Morgan while we play our last volleyball game of the fall season.

Shana's Honeymoon - Give the Gift of Memories

WOOHOO!! I am officially done with Shana's Honeymoon Album!! I used a sketch by Kelly (I don't know if she has a blog or not) from the November Bucket Challenge on the scrapbooking board I belong to for the very last page of Shana's Honeymoon Album. This layout was also used for the November Load for that same board where you had to use the word "give" in the layout somewhere. (DANG IT...I don't know why the page is turned sideways again...GRRR!!)

Heading to the Wilderness Lodge in WI Dells...

On Saturday we are leaving to go to WI Dells to the Wilderness Lodge. There are 12 couples and about 25+ kids's gonna be a blast. This will be our 3rd year doing it. We go to the water parks on Saturday and Sunday and then do the water park in the morning on Monday and head back to Madison. We found out after the first year that is best to stay Sunday and head home on Monday as the park is dead on Sundays because most people go home. Nathan is sooooo excited to go and play with all his buddies. I will be sure to post pics of our weekend!!

Shana's Honeymoon - Heading Home

This layout again is for Shana's Honeymoon Album. It was Sketch #9 by Jodie for the November Bucket Challenge on my scrapbooking board. It didn't turn out like I had planned it in my head...hehehe. It's not my favorite but it's done, and only 1 page left to do in Shana's Honeymoon Album. In real life you can read the white Rub-On Title - "Heading Home", but in the picture, the luster paper washes out the title with the bad lighting...hehehe.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Morgan In Her Exersaucer!!

Morgan has been able to stand on her own almost from the time she was born. You can hold her hands, and she literally stands on your lap. Our pediatrician said she has super strong legs for her age (said that when she was just 2 days old...LOL!!)...heck I knew that as she would kick me so hard when she was in the womb...hehehe. She has also been able to hold her head up with almost no wobblage (is that a word,,,hehehe), but we thought we should at least wait until she was a couple months old before attempting the exersaucer. While she was hanging out with Nathan in the recliner, Daddy went down and got the exersaucer. We put her in it, along with a blanket behind her to keep from falling backwards, and she seemed to enjoy it. She liked to look at the toys and Nathan liked to press the music one for her. My little angel is growing up way too quickly. I thought Nathan grew fast at that age, but Morgan is sprinting (sigh!).

Morgan & Nathan Watching Cartoons!!

Morgan was kind of fussing in her swing today so Sean picked her up and put her in the corner of the recliner. Of course Nathan wanted to sit next to his baby sister so he jumped on up. They look so cute together. Then I looked over, and he was holding her hand...too precious!!