Sunday, March 15, 2009


So sorry to all of you that stop by here expecting/hoping/praying to see cute pictures of Nathan and Morgan and not just coupons and good scrapbooking deals. The coupons take no time at all to load...a quick push of a button and boom they are loaded. I have been soooo busy with my full-time job it is crazy. I am hoping once the month of March is over things will slow down a little bit...I sure hope so anyway!! I also have been really busy with my fun new part-time job - Close To My Heart. I have held three Home Gatherings and today will be my second workshop. Things are going super!! I have lots of pictures and cute stories to post and just not a lot of time right now so promise as soon as I can I will.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CTMH Discounted Stamps

I just posted pictures of the stamp sets here that are 40% off on my website: Go Check Them Out!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Forward, March to Your Own Business!

New Close To My Heart Consultants who enroll during our March Constant Campaign can take advantage of a fabulous bonus offer: YOUR choice of up to two organizational products at 50% off retail price!

This is a great way to begin YOUR business in an orderly and organized fashion at great savings.

Consultants can save approximately $129 US / $162 CAN with this promotion.

During the sign up process YOU will have the chance to specify which products YOU would like to purchase.

YOU can choose two of the same item if YOU desire.

March is the best time to march forward and become a Close To My Heart Consultant!

CTMH Stamp Sale Starts 3/3/09!!

Where are you going to be at 10:00 AM (Central Time) on Tuesday, March 3? That's right...on my CTMH website - where you can purchase these 10 discontinued stamp sets for a limited time.

The stamp sets will be available at 40% off current retail pricing. CTMH has ample supply of these stamp sets. Available stamp sets will be the following:

Was $13.95 --> NOW ONLY $8.37 each
Wisdom (B1199)

Was $18.95 --> NOW ONLY $11.37 each
Groovy Celebration (C1232)

Love of My Life (C1258)
Was $22.95 --> NOW ONLY $13.77
Card Sentiments (D1111)

Memories (D1127) Follow Your Dreams (D1152) Steep and Deep (D1175) My One & Only (D1197) Friendship’s Garden (D1202) My Farm (D1219)

Note: Just because you put it in your shopping cart doesn’t mean it’s yours - it’s only for sure yours once you go through the checkout process.