Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nighty Night Birthday Girl!! 8.24.09

Morgan had had about all she could take about 7:30. She normally goes to bed around 6:45 - 7:00 pm so with all the people at her party, the cupcake, the playing, etc. she was plum tuckered out. Auntie Shana and Uncle Ben took her upstairs and got her ready for bed. Aren't these jammies just too cute?? They say, "Daddy's Princess". He picked them up at Wal-Mart when they were in Green Bay. I hope you had a wonderful 1st Birthday My Little Princess!! We love you sooooo much Morgie Pie!!

Playing Outside After Cupcakes!! 8.24.09

After we ate cupcakes, we headed outside to play on the hill and swingset. I thought of a great idea...have all the kids get up on the swing set for a picture. They are all sitting on a Little Tikes Picnic turned out cute. For the most part everyone is looking at the camera!! YAY!! The oldest kiddo (not including the 'big kids' 4 1/2 and the youngest was a little over a month old.

Aren't they adorable?!?! I love the sky in the background too.

Morgan Eating Her Birthday Cup Cake - 8.24.09

She was so funny. She was unsure about touching it and then finally just went for it. She picked it up by the frosting and then it fell out of her hands...
and landed upside down...LOL!!
She then decided to eat the frosting...I don't even think she got any of the chocolate cake.

Right after this last picture she freaked out. She kept sticking her hand up at me like - GET THIS OFF!! Then she burst into tears and screams. So I got her cleaned up quick and picked her up and all was good. HA HA HA!! Just like her momma...doesn't wanna get dirty!! We will see how her birthday cake eating goes at her family party on September 5.

Happy 1st Birthday Morgan - 8.24.09


Fun Times in Green Bay - 8/21 thru 8/23

My sister and I went to St. Charles, IL for a Scrapbook Expo on Friday and Saturday so Sean took the kids to Green Bay to visit his sister and family after work on Friday. They had a great time. They got to hang out with Aunti Brandy, Uncle Matt, Cousin Gabe and Nana Barb!!
They went to a fun amusement park (I can't remember the name of it to save my life right now).
Morgan with Nana Barb riding the choo choo!!

Daddy and Nathan riding together!!
Chillin' with the Hulk Hands at Aunti Brandy's.
Ugh...Mommy had packed Morgan's Vikings Cheerleader Outift for nice weather and her Packers onsie and pants for chillier weather. Well of course it was chilly but daddy couldn't let his little girl be Packer fan so put the darn Viking Cheerleader Skirt over the top...Poor Baby!!

Nathan with his 'mean, angry face' and Gabe's Hulk hands. Sean said he just loved those things.

Morgie Pie just chillin'.

Morgan's 1st Birthday Invitation

Here is Morgan's 1st Birthday Invitation. I think Sean did a great job!! Her party with our family is Saturday, September 5 so we did these and mailed them out just in time...hehehe.

Morgan's Birthday Card Invitation Photo Shoot - Take 5

YAY!! Daddy FINALLY got four pictures for her 1st Birthday Invitation. Can you guess which ones we used?!?! LOL!! I don't know why, but she loves that cat toy. The black spot on it is a piece of fur. Through that toy away after this photo shoot because it was slimey and nasty...silly girl.