Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Close To My Heart Tips for Creating Embellishment Clusters

Follow along with me, today, as I give you an inside scoop into our creative process for designing and creating embellishment clusters of your own!!

Embellishment clusters are large, sometimes intricate, paper accent pieces that are capable of standing on their own but can also be incorporated into larger projects, like scrapbook layouts, cards, or gift bags.

We call these accents embellishment clusters because we are essentially putting several individual embellishments together, in a cluster.

While there are no set rules on where to begin creating these clusters, and there is no right or wrong way to proceed, we do have a few guidelines and tips to get you get you started on a successful creative experience!!

1. Stick to a Color Scheme

When you first start designing an embellishment cluster, we recommend that you stick to a specific color scheme and spice it up with a complementary color or more neutral shade here and there.

When you work off of a set color palette, it’s easier to focus your creative energy more effectively, and you’re more likely to end up with an embellishment cluster you really love!!

shaker window cluster is a great example of how to create around a color scheme.

By focusing on cool shades of
 blue, throwing in a couple of green hues, and incorporating a few neutral tones, the elements of this embellishment cluster effectively harmonize with each other for a beautifully coordinated result!!

2. Use a Variety of Paper and Cardstock Options

Incorporating different types of paper not only brings variety in patterns but in texture as well.

Using our unique patterned papers next to our heavier, solid-colored
 cardstock helps to bring a nice variance to embellishment clusters.

If you’re looking to keep things a little simpler with the embellishment cluster itself, you can also consider saving more textured elements for the background.

With the card shown above, we kept things a little simpler overall and created exclusively with cardstock.

Rather than featuring textured elements on the embellishment cluster itself, we used a large 
Thin Cuts die and two coordinating cardstock colors to create a gorgeous textured backdrop for this simple embellishment cluster!!

3. Layer, Layer, Layer!

A great embellishment cluster often includes a few layers and dimension.

Even a simple embellishment cluster should have at least one layered element to make sure it stands out from whatever background you may end up putting it on.

With this embellishment cluster, we made sure to create multiple layers so it will have some extra pop once it’s placed on a scrapbook page.

(Using dimensional adhesives, like 
3-D foam tape, are a great way to ensure that your embellishment clusters have added dimension, as well!!)

4. Follow the Rule of Thirds

Incorporating this photography technique into your embellishment clusters is a great way to ensure that they remain balanced and can even help to simplify your design process.

If you’re unfamiliar with what the rule of thirds entails, it’s basically the process of dividing your subject or scene into three distinct sections, making sure that each one is visually balanced with the others.

With this embellishment cluster, imagine that there’s a 3″ x 3″ grid over it.

With this imaginary grid applied, you’ll notice that the 
butterfly and floral accents are fairly close to intersection points on the grid, while the stamped Bloom & GROW title occupies the center square.

By distributing the butterfly accent, stamped title, and floral accent in this way, it ensures that the entire cluster remains balanced.

5. Be Flexible

When it comes to crafting, you don’t always have to use crafting materials for their intended purpose.

Take a look at this cute little cluster, for instance:

The envelope you see here was actually created using a 
stitched hexagon Thin Cuts die, folding the sides of the cut hexagon shape into its center!!

Re-purposing die-cut shapes, incorporating paper scraps, and even trimming patterns or icons from other patterned papers for use in an embellishment cluster is an excellent way to make sure your work stays fresh, fun, and completely unique!!

6. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Once you find a design, color combination, or shape pairing you love, stick with it for a few more embellishment clusters!!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to re-make the same identical embellishment cluster over and over again.

Simply switching out a single element can make a huge difference!!

If a single, simple change isn’t doing enough, you can do a more drastic re-design while retaining the overall shape and combination of elements.

These two 
shaker window clusters are a prime example of how different colors, patterns, and stamped images can be incorporated into a pre-existing design for a beautiful, brand-new result!!

Another way to work smarter is to think about future crafts and prepare for them while you’re in your creative zone!!

If you use a Thin Cuts metal die to cut an element for an embellishment cluster, cut a few more for future use!!

If you use a Cricut Design Space file to create your cluster, make sure to save it so you can return to it the next time you want to create a beautiful embellishment cluster!!

There’s no hard-fast way to create embellishment clusters, but by holding yourself to a few basic guidelines like these, you can fast-track your creativity and make absolutely gorgeous embellishments that are completely unique to you!!

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