Thursday, February 5, 2009

On our way to the California Scrapbook Retreat - 1/22/09

So I didn't post much about Shana and my adventure to California because so many things happened, but I want to get it out there as it was a super fun time despite some setbacks...hehehe.

Thursday, January 22nd:
We left Shana's house for the airport a little after 10:00 AM. We get to the Milwaukee Airport at 11:45 AM for our 1:50 PM flight. We were good little travelers...getting there a couple hours early like you are suppose to. We do our hugs and kisses and say our good byes and then we head in. We walk right up to the Delta Ticket Counter where there are at least 5 ladies standing around gabbing. One of them looks at us and asks us what flight we are on. I say the 1:50 PM to Cincinatti, OH. She then proceeds to tell us that the 1:50 PM flight no longer exists. OH SHIT!! It was changed to a NOON flight. She got us on that flight, but we had to haul ass to get to the gate. We made it on the plane and landed in Atlanta, GA instead. We barely get off that plane and have to board our next plane to Salt Lake City, UT.

All goes fine and dandy, and we land in Salt Lake City. We had a 2 hour delay there so we grabbed a bite to eat. The woman on the loud speaker announces that due to heavy fog in Fresno our plane may divert us to Bakersfield, CA instead of Fresno where we want to go. Mind you Bakersfield is an hour and a half away!! They say if we are diverted there that it is up to us to find our own way to Fresno. Otherwise we can put ourselves up in a hotel in Salt Lake City for the night and grab the 11:30 AM flight to Fresno on Friday. Shana called her friend Heather (whom we were staying with for the night) to ask her what we should do. Heather couldn't believe they told us there was fog as she said the sky was clear...What the heck?!?! We take our chances and get on the plane. We no sooner sit down when the flight attendant comes on the loud speaker and says that they were suppose to have called ahead and told us that the Fog was not an issue, and we would be landing in Fresno. YAY!!

So the previous flights hadn't been too much of a problem. I was a little worried as I had caught a cold earlier in the week before we left. However, on our decent into Fresno I had the worst pain in my ears ever!! I literally had tears sneaking out of the corners of my eyes. I couldn't wait to land. We finally get in to Fresno, CA around 11:00 PM, and I can't hear a darn thing. Both of my ears were plugged solid. Shana had to literally get inches from my ears for me to hear. Heather picks us up, and we head to her house and then off to bed!! What a day!!

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