Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nathan's 3 Year Well-Check - 2/3/09

Woohoo...I am all caught up I think...hehehe.

Nathan had his 3 year well-check appointment. He measured 38 1/4 inches which was the 75th percentile and weighed in at 34 lbs which was also the 75th percentile. They no longer take the head circumference measurement, but if I had to venture a guess I would say it's still pretty big...hahaha!! It's all those brains people!! They do start to take their blood pressure though at age 3. That was a little scary to him at first, but then daddy put it in words that Nathan understood. He told Nathan that it is like having his water wings on in the pool. It would fill up with air and then she would release it and it would kind of tickle. Nathan totally calmed down after that and even giggled as she did it. Way to go Daddy!! His blood pressure was 86/48 which she said was normal for little kids. He got a clean bill of health so we don't have to hopefully go back until his 4 year well-check...knock on wood he stays healthy until then. Oh shots this time around so Nathan was ecstatic!!

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