Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nathan's Preschool Parent Teacher Conference - 2/2/09

Nathan's Preschool was closed on Monday 2/2 due to Parent Teacher Conferences being held. I wasn't worried about him as I knew he had been doing great there. We know his teacher really well (Miss Rebecca). She was actually at the Super Bowl party on Sunday, and Nathan enjoyed getting to spend some one-on-one time with her!!

Here are the comments she had written for him:

Health and Physical Development: (Gross & Fine Motor)
*Takes care of own sleeping, eating and toileting needs (working on dressing for outside)
*Moves with purpose and coordination - uses the lily pads on the climber with little assistance
*Fine motor control - traces objects

Social and Emotional Development:
*Very well mannered - always saying please and thank you
*Waits for his turn
*Open to playing with anyone
*Displays pride in self - "I'm a strong boy!"

Language Development & Communication:
*Recognizes some letters (criss-crossed crayons to make an X)
*Listens to stories
*Can hold a multiple turn-taking conversation
*Communicates needs and wants with words

Approaches to Learning:
*Open to new experiences
*Works on skills (pulling up pants, pouring milk, using water fountain) with assistance until he feels confident to do them solo
*Shows persistence and focus with extended play
*Creative expression with dancing and singing

Cognition and General Knowledge:
*Can follow simple rules and games like Candyland (knows colors, one vs. two, follows the track)
*Can count to 12 (working on one to one correspondence)
*Can sort objects by one attribute

*Follows rules (makes his own choices and isn't a follower)
*Social manners

Current Skills we are working on:
*Letter and number recognition

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