Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nathan's 1st Ear Infection - 1/20/09

Ok so here is my attempt to catch up on my family...I should really be in bed sleeping but it would drive me nuts to know these things happened, and I hadn't shared them with my friends and family!! Nathan woke up from his afternoon nap and was sitting at the counter eating a snack when I happened to walk by and noticed his ear looked funny. I took a closer look and totally freaked out. He had some thick dark brownish/blackish goop coming out of his left ear. The right one wasn't so bad. I immediately called the doctor's office and got him an appointment. Sure enough he had an ear infection...a double one but the left ear wasn't nearly as bad. We had to put drops in it to help fight the infection from the outside, and he had to take an antibiotic to help fight it internally. I felt so bad as he never complained about his ear hurting so I had no idea!! He did great with the drops and LOVES medicine!! All is better now...thank goodness!!

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