Thursday, February 5, 2009

California Beach Retreat - 1/23 - 1/27/09

We wake up in the morning and both of my ears had popped back open while I slept...yay...I could hear!! My friend, Jen, picked me up from Heather's and I rode to the retreat with her while Shana and Heather rode together. We drove 2 1/2 hours from Fresno to Pismo Beach. It was a fun ride. I had a blast chatting with Jen, Kelci and Shanna (my online friends whom I finally got to meet in person). We started scrapping and eventually Shana and Heather rolled in along with Kat, Kristi, Andrea and Eva. I had a great time, and then my right ear started to throb and pain started to take over. I grabbed some Extra Strength Tylenol right away and decided to hit the hay. It didn't work...I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep due to my darn ear. I went out to the scrapping area and decided since I couldn't sleep I might as well get some scrappin' done. NOPE!! It hurt so bad that I couldn't concentrate. I laid down on the couch out there and finally fell asleep for about an hour and a half.

Thankfully Kelci offered to take me to the Urgent Care which opened at 9:00 AM. We were the second ones in line. I explained to the doctor what had happened, and he asked if I smoked because most of my voice was gone. I said no, and then he wanted to know if I had asthma. Again the answer was no. He said I was wheezing quite a bit, and that I had lovely!! He prescribed some meds for it, and then was going to let me be. I asked if those meds would take care of the horrendeous ear pain I was having. He said no, and then prescribed some Vicatin. Kelci took me to the Pharmacy, and we headed back to the house. I ate a muffin, took the Vicadin and drugs for the Bronchitis and went to lay down. The pain was just as intense after 45 minutes so I called the Pharmacy. He told me the Vicadin should have kicked in within 15 to 30 minutes. He said to give it another 15 minutes (making it an hour) and to call back if it hadn't stopped. It didn't so I called back. He then told me to take a couple IBproferin, and if that didn't work to call the doctor. Well about 10 minutes later I felt perfectly fine!! I was back to my old self and went on a scrapping crusade...hehehe.

For the rest of the trip I felt better as long as I took some drugs. I was a little worried for my return flights home, but the ear pain had stopped, and my right ear was just plugged. I took some Vicadin before we took off on Tuesday, January 27th nd all was well. We left Fresno and landed in Denver, CO and then straight home to Milwaukee, WI from there.

On Wednesday when I was home it still was plugged so I went to see my own doctor. He said it looked as if my ear drum may have ruptured as there was a little blood on the ear drum itself and that there was still some pressure in my head causing my ear to be plugged. There wasn't anything they could do. He said it will pop open on its own. Well it is now over a week later and it is still plugged. I might have to go back in and have it checked out...ugh!!

But despite all that...I had a blast and definitely want to go back and do it again next year...Minus the cold and ear problems!! LOL!!

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