Saturday, July 31, 2010

CTMH's Saturday Convention at a Glance!!


Jeanette Lynton gave us the inside scoop by answering questions on numerous topics sent in by us Consultants. In addition we had the opportunity to hear representatives from Operation Smile speak about all of the great things Close To My Heart and its Consultants are doing to help children everywhere. We also had a blast playing the Jeapordy game show, complete with great Close To My Heart prizes.

Then it was time to create some more!! We enjoyed two more hours of scrapbooking and cardmaking using new products to create brand new artwork to take home.

After attending, "From Dream to Team," we came away with a better understanding of how rewarding it is to build our own Team of enthusiastic Consultants. We saw how our unique personality traits can help us recruit and develop a dynamic Team that will take our business to greater heights. In "Common Cents and Money Moguls," we learned how to make the most of every cent, discovered product investment secrets that yield real dividends, and got the inside scoop on using Hostess Rewards and other programs to maximize our profits.

We enjoyed delicious cuisine, side-splitting laughter, and joyful dancing at our closing banquet festivites.

Here's my roomies and I at the Closing Banquet. It was a fun night!!

Jeanette was surprised by her team with a super cool paint splattered mural of herself. It was awesome to watch her picture come alive as he splattered paint and used his hands to create this masterpiece.

One of our most famous comedians, Anita Renfroe, was back with more humorous insights on everyday life--she brought us to tears!!

Picture This!! :o) This was part of our table's centerpiece...litte mini-frames in which I snagged for my scrap studio!!

Here's a picture of the beautiful centerpieces. The baggie was filled with the new Autumn/Winter Petite Perks stamp set. We played the Left/Right game and my roomie Jodi won them. She gave each person at the table one...Thanks Jodi!! Again as we departed the Closing Banquet we were given another Exclusive to Convention 2010 Stamp Set - Picture This. I don't have a picture of it, but it is filled with butterflies, wings, crowns, etc.

The highlight of my trip was getting to speak briefly with Jeanette Lynton, Founder and CEO of Close To My Heart. She had a little area just outside the Closing Banquet room. We stood in line for a good hour or more just waiting for our 30 seconds with her. My heart was pounding when I finally got up to her.

I truely had an awesome time and am so very glad I attended Convention. I would recommend all Consultant's make it a goal to attend next year's in know it IS the happiest place on earth!! Thanks Jeanette and Close To My Heart for an experience of a lifetime. I can't wait to see how you top yourselves in 2011!!

If you would like to join my team and become a Close To My Heart Consultant send me an email at I would love to bring a whole crew with me next year!!

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