Saturday, September 18, 2010

CTMH’s Exclusive My Acrylix Stamps

Close To My Heart has many Exclusive Products including our My Acrylix Stamps, our Faster, Simpler, Easier Philosophy, our Foundational How-To Programs, Studio J and our Exclusive Color Palette. Over the next couple weeks I will give you details on what sets Close To My Heart apart from other scrapbooking companies.

My Acrylix clear stamps are clearly the best because of their longevity, superior quality, and ability to hold fine detail. We’ve built on over 25 years of experience in the stamp industry to achieve manufacturing and design expertise, quality, and variety in clear stamps.

More than two decades of decorative stamping have brought about the My Acrylix stamp revolution, where expression is easy and everyone’s an expert!! Our premium-quality My Acrylix stamps are offered at a great value, are easy to use, simple to store, and most importantly, offer creative control and artistic precision on project after project.

My Acrylix stamps are expertly crafted to lift your stamping experience above the rest. Clear stamps on clear blocks allow you to see exactly where you are stamping!! Simply select the image of your choice and mount it on a clear reusable block, then ink and stamp. You’ll get perfect image placement and ink coverage every time. Every stamp set comes complete with a foam insert. Place it under your paper as you stamp to ensure a crisp image.

See the Possibilities…
* Mix and match stamp images and sentiments to create your own unique designs, backgrounds, and borders.
* Lightweight stamps and mounting blocks are simple to store and transport.
* Clear My Acrylix blocks allow you to check ink coverage, verify placement and spacing, and stamp in exactly the right spot, time after time.
* Each stamp set shown includes recommended block sizes to make purchasing simple.

When you browse the pages of our Idea Books, keep in mind that all stamp sets are shown at 75% of their actual size unless otherwise indicated.

Using My Acrylix Stamps
Step 1: Loosen the image on all sides with the edge of your forefinger and peel slowly from the carrier sheet.

Step 2: Center the image on an appropriately sized My Acrylix block. When using alphabet stamps, we recommend using a Block Buddy (Z1289) for accurate spacing and alignment.

Step 3: Ink the stamp with your preferred Exclusive Inks product. Place the image in the desired location, and apply even, downward pressure. For best results, always place the foam pad included or the soft side of a VersaMat (Z1279) underneath your card or layout while stamping.

Step 4: Perfectly place complementary stamp images by looking through the top of the block when selecting placement.
My Acrylix Stamp Storage
When it’s time to put the stamps away, organization is a snap!! Each stamp set slides into its own sturdy plastic envelope. Since the envelopes for A-, B-, C-, and D-size stamps are all the same size, it’s simple to flip through them in the My Acrylix Organizer (Z1038) to find exactly what you’re looking for!!

The My Acrylix Organizer holds 15 My Acrylix stamp set envelopes. It includes a sturdy carrying handle and is stackable.

My Acrylix Blocks
My Acrylix blocks are available in a variety of sizes. Chose one that perfectly fits an individual image, or design your own scenes by placing multiple images on a larger block. Use the line guide or a Block Buddy for placement and spacing.

1” x 1” - $3.95
1” x 1 ½” - $4.50
1” x 3 ½” - $5.95
1” x 6 ½” - $6.50
2” x 2” - $6.50
2” x 3 ½” - $7.50
2” x 6 ½” - $9.95
2” x 11” - $14.95
2 ½” x 2 ½” - $7.50
3” x 3” - $8.50
4” x 4” - $10.50
4 ½” x 6 ½” – $17.95

The My Acrylix Block Start Set includes one each of the most versatile block sizes 2” x 2”, 3” x 3”, 4” x 4” and 2” x 3 ½” for $29.95 (YOU SAVE 10%)!!

The block sizes suggested for each stamp set in our Idea Books are simply recommendations. You may prefer a larger or smaller block based on your preference and needs. My Acrylix Block Storage
When it’s time to put the blocks away, organization is again a snap!! Each block slides into its own secure spot within the foam insert. The My Acrylix Block Organizer (Z185) holds one of every size of My Acrylix block.

To purchase your Close To My Heart Exclusive My Acrylix Stamps click HERE!!

(Source: Close To My Heart’s Summer 2010 and Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Books)

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