Monday, November 10, 2008

Nathan Meets Kitt the Duck!!

There is a HUGE rivalry in my family when it comes to the Packers and the Vikings!! Sean grew up in Minnesota and then moved to Wisconsin right before high he is a Viking Fan. I have lived in Wisconsin all my life and have been a Packer! Fan! We knew there would be a problem when we decided to have kids..."Who the heck were they gonna cheer for?" HA HA HA!!! The rule in our house is: Whoever gets the kids dressed in the morning gets to decide what they are gonna where. Nathan has both a Packer (courtesy of my mom - Grandma Debbie) and a Viking (courtesty of Sean's mom - Grandma Barb) jersey as does Morgan with the same in cheerleading outfits. At least we have a happy household with the Packers and Vikings each winning one game this year...hehehe!!

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