Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Morgan In Her Exersaucer!!

Morgan has been able to stand on her own almost from the time she was born. You can hold her hands, and she literally stands on your lap. Our pediatrician said she has super strong legs for her age (said that when she was just 2 days old...LOL!!)...heck I knew that as she would kick me so hard when she was in the womb...hehehe. She has also been able to hold her head up with almost no wobblage (is that a word,,,hehehe), but we thought we should at least wait until she was a couple months old before attempting the exersaucer. While she was hanging out with Nathan in the recliner, Daddy went down and got the exersaucer. We put her in it, along with a blanket behind her to keep from falling backwards, and she seemed to enjoy it. She liked to look at the toys and Nathan liked to press the music one for her. My little angel is growing up way too quickly. I thought Nathan grew fast at that age, but Morgan is sprinting (sigh!).

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