Friday, June 13, 2014

I Did It...I've Earned Close To My Heart's 2015 Hawaiian Incentive Trip!!


WooHoo . . . It's Official.

Corporate announced it today in our Weekly Consultant Newsletter.

I've earned the Close To My Heart 2015 Incentive Trip to 
in Ko Olina, Hawaii in February 2015.

I want to THANK ALL of my wonderful customers, my outstanding team, the awesome CTMH Corporate staff and Jeanette Lynton and my family and friends for all of your support.

Without ALL of YOU I wouldn't get to do what I do and earn fabulous trips while doing it.

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart . . . YOU ARE THE BEST!

My family and I can't thank you enough.

I'm super excited to go back to Hawaii . . . jeepers who wouldn't be right??

I EARNED . . . yup I must clarify that I EARNED this trip . . . 
I didn't win it.  =)

The best part of realizing I had earned this trip was telling my kids.

Nathan is 8 1/2 and after Costa Rica asked me straight out if he could come on the next one as he has seen all the great pictures and heard our fun stories.

I told him that if I earned Hawaii we would take both kids this time.

Sean and I have both been blessed to travel to Hawaii multiple times for family events (vacations and a wedding), but our kiddos have not.

We figured they did great on the plane ride to Disneyworld this past January, and including them on this trip would be the cheapest way to get them to Hawaii as I already earned our resort room.

The best part is that Sean and my plane tickets are also included so we just need to purchase tickets for the kids.

We have been saving our credit card rewards for just that purpose and will have at least one full plane ticket covered.  YAY.

So the kids were told tonight that they will be going to Hawaii too.

Nathan was ecstatic.  Morgan was speechless (and if you know Morgan that takes a LOT . . . LOL!)

So again . . . THANK YOU -- MAHALO!

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