Saturday, February 8, 2014

Heading to Disney World!!

Hi All

Well February has not quite started out as I thought it would.

I had all these great plans of blogging every day.

I unfortunately was just diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on the left side of my face.

It means that I have lost control of my left eye so it stays open and doesn't blink when my right one does...such a weird feeling.

My left cheek and nostril are also numb.

And the left jaw and lip are also wonky.

I now have to drink out of a straw on the right side of my mouth.

I am on a steroid for 10 days in hopes that it reduces the swelling of the nerve that is causing this.

Talk about bad timing...we leave for Disney World today too.


So I will just need to give Mickey my good side or he will think I am winking at him...hehehe.

It's going to be a great trip no matter what my face is doing because it is a FAMILY trip with my mom, dad, aunt, sister, her fiancee and his son, and my two kids and hubby.

We are staying at the Contemporary right on Disney property so are super excited.

My kids have never flown before so Nathan (8) and Morgan (5) are beyond HAPPY.

I am on my computer at work 8+ hours a day so have been staying off my laptop at home as much as possible as it puts added stress on my good eye.

I didn't have time to schedule many posts for when I am gone, but I knew you all would understand.

We are heading to the airport in 30 minutes...WooHoo.

I hope the rest and relaxation of this trip sets my face straight, and I can come home and resume my blogging.

Until then...have a GREAT week!!

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