Thursday, March 14, 2013

Close To My Heart's Album Retreat

WOW!!  2 1/2 months of 2013 are gone already, and I have been MIA way too long from my poor blog.  Life has been SUPER busy to say the least.

December kicked it off with my CTMH 12 Days of Christmas Sale, the actual Christmas holiday, and Nathan and Sean's 7th and 35th birthdays on the 29th.  Oh and some awesome football games!!  As you can see we have a split household -- Nathan and Sean are Viking Fans and Morgan and I are Packer Fans!!  Santa was good to both my kids this year as he brought Nathan a new motorized scooter and Morgan a new big girl princess bike!!  Now if all the snow and ice would just melt so they can get out there and have fun with them!!

Then it was New Year's, the new Spring/Summer 2013 Idea Book debut and my 35th birthday.  January also was a busy time for both kiddos.  They both had swimming lessons on Monday nights and Nathan had wrestling practice.  Tuesday nights were dance/gymnastics classes for Morgan and volleyball for Sean and I.  Wednesday nights were more wrestling practices for Nathan.  By the time Friday night came around we were ready to crash early!!

Most of our winter weekends were spent traveling around southern Wisconsin for Nathan's wrestling tournaments.  He had a blast and did very well.  So proud of my little man!!  Morgan LOVED her dance and gymnastic classes at Little Gym too.  She was super excited for Show Week.  Daddy even bought her a dozen pink roses for her special night!!

Before I knew it February was here, and it was time for the Close To My Heart Incentive Southern Caribbean Cruise!!  Sean and I had a total blast the first week of February making stops in San Juan, St. Croix, St. Kitts, Dominica, Grenada and St. Thomas before heading back to San Juan...awesome weather, great relaxation and fun times celebrating with friends!!  A separate post to come with pictures of our adventures!!  =)

So where does that leave me now?!?!  Busy as always, but right at this exact moment I am sitting in Denver's airport all by myself waiting for my connecting flight to Salt Lake City for Close To My Heart's Album Retreat!!  I'm so excited!!  They stopped doing them the year that I joined so this is a new adventure for me.  Flying by myself, however, is not.

Before joining CTMH I was fairly shy and no way would I choose to leave my comfort zone and fly alone.  But since joining in January 2009 I have really come out of my shell.  I have flown to Washington DC, Disneyland, Dallas and now Salt Lake City...with Disneyworld yet to come in June.  I love this job!!  Above is the cover layout we will be making at the retreat.  Isn't it gorgeous?!?!

I'm very excited to be staying with awesome CTMH friends that I have met at previous Conventions and Incentive Trips too.  We are going to have so much fun.  Below is the agenda for this weekend:

4:00-7:00     Registration
7:00-11:00   Open Crop (project provided)

8:00               Breakfast buffet (provided)
9:00-12:00     Welcome & Creative Sessions
12:00             Lunch buffet (provided)
1:30-5:30       Creative Sessions
5:30               Dinner (provided)
7:00-11:00     Bonus creative session & open crop

8:00               Breakfast buffet (provided)
9:00-12:00     Creative Sessions
12:00             Lunch off site (provided)
2:30-4:30       Creative Sessions
4:30-5:00       Closing Remarks, Contest Winners Announced
5:00                Official Close
5:00-11:00     Ballroom will remain available for open crop

WOW!!  Doesn't that sound like a GREAT weekend to you?!?!  My husband didn't sound nearly as excited about it as me.  Instead he gets to play Mr. Mom for a while...LOL!!  However, this is just what I needed...a little creative time for ME!!  Don't get me wrong...I get to create at my own monthly crops, but I'm always on the go handing out prizes, answering questions, doing bingo, etc.  It will be nice to just sit and create!!

I got up at 3:30am and headed out to the Madison airport at 4:00am.  I departed for Denver at 6:00am and now have a 9 hour...yes you read that right...9 hour layover here.  So I'm hoping to get a bunch of blog posts scheduled for your reading pleasure!!  Hopefully I will be able to make time to share with you all the great Close To My Heart news and videos...they are sooooo worth it!!  Happy Crafting!!

If you are looking to travel, be creative and earn money while doing it then Close To My Heart is the company for you!!  Contact me at for more information or click HERE for the Frequently Asked Questions!!  We would love to have you join us in April for the CTMH Regionals in Chicago.  There are 6 of us registered to attend.  Or how about join us in Disneyworld in June for THAT will be the BIG party of the year.  We have 9 of us registered to attend that one.  It's always FUN with CTMH!!



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