Saturday, December 26, 2009

Strongest Abs In The World!!

My baby girl has the strongest abs in the world...well at least for a 15 month old. Actually she does this plank move at least twice a day. I absolutely hate seeing my sweet little baby do this because I know that she is trying so hard to go poop. She has a terrible time going. This may be TMI, but she will not go in her diaper because they are solid and large. So when she hits this position we grab her up and head to the bathroom where she will go on the potty. Now you might be thinking...Sweet...she's gonna be potty trained in no time. I, however, would give anything to change poopie diapers than to see her go through this. We have tried juice, prunes and are now on Mineral Oil per our pediatrician. The Mineral Oil has been working though. As much as I hate seeing her in this position, we had to get some pictures to document it. So if you have any remedies or suggestions please let me know!!

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