Sunday, December 7, 2008

I LOVE Shopping on Black Friday...

Ok so many of my friends and family think I am nuts to go shopping on Black Friday!! Now if I stayed in Madison that way would I venture out as there are just too many people. But we go up north to Turtle Lake, Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and do our shopping in Rice Lake, WI. There is a Wal-Mart, KMart, Shopko and a small mall. Yes...Wal-Mart is a zoo so we avoid it, but the rest of the places are usually not too bad. My mom and I (sometimes my sister too) usually get up around 7:30ish and head out about 8:15ish...we normally stop and grab a bite to eat at Perkins and then off to shop. We aren't the early risers trying to get the door busters as soon as stores open (I like my sleep too much...hehehe). We usually get some great deals at JCPenny and Herbergers on kids clothes...60% off until 1:00 and then 40% off after that...ya can't go wrong. The lines really aren't too bad either. I got a brown leather jacket that is normally $75 for only $25...WOOHOO!! Did I need another not really, but it was cute (my mom said I look like a biker chick...yeah baby!!) and you can't pass that price up...HA HA HA!!! We got Nathan and Morgan some super cute clothes as well as getting a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done!! So to me Black Friday is soooooo worth venturing out!!

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